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Scanmaster 1550 and 1550Quad

Scanmaster 1550 same as 1550 quad but with only 2 collectors instead of four.

To explain the basic concept of the Omnitron scanners, one must first understand some very important basic facts. Instrumentation implementing electromagnetic induction, RF induction, and gamma wave transmissions were thoroughly tested. Much was learned about the effects of magnetic's and ionization on all phases of matter. Much of what was discovered was applied in developing the original scanner. What was really unique was that the scanner had the ability to utilize air, oil or water as the transmission media. Not only was the signal broadcast in a strictly horizontal direction, but also in a spherical direction. One can only imagine being the center of 3/4 mile sphere with that sphere being your probable target area!

Now once the signal is transmitted by the scan, the prospective target then reciprocates with a complimentary and identical signal. Because of the fact that the signals are identical, only that element is being "tracked" by the scanner and thereby eliminating the event of tracking unwanted targets.

Scanmaster 1550 Quad
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Scanmaster 1550
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Below is how Scanmaster 1550 Systems work:
Scan and Search up to 1 or more miles to Pinpoint your Target!
Crossed Rods Indicate Target
Move Collector Rods Closer to Locate Target
Final Scan
Easy to Locate Target

The 1550 systems utilize a very high output transmitting Digital Frequency Power Transducer. Operating on a large 12 volt power supply the 1550 is capable of transmitting its signal way over 1 and up to 2 miles away. The All Digital LED meter includes a fine frequency adjustment control that offers the most stable operation in even the worst ground conditions. The 1550 Scanmaster Power Transducer allows for Coarse and Fine tuning of the selected transmit frequency, Frequency display adjust, output power amp adjust and voltage and signal adjust controls making this Scanmasters highest powered system ever offered to the professional Treasure Hunter.

The reciprocating signal between the scanner and the target now becomes the traceable roadway for the operator to located the target. This process requires only several minutes to determine if there are any suitable targets within the normal operating range of the scanner. Please remember that the range depends on the size of the buried target, signals are RF by nature, heavy solar activity will diminish the signal to a small degree.

High Powered 1550 Power Transducer-- This unit is responsible for delivering the selected signal of the Scanner to the ground plane of the strata via the two copper legs which are plugged into the ground.  The coax lead is the power supply line and attaches to the output of the Scanmaster.

High Powered 1550 Power Module -- This unit's purpose is to power the Antenna Rods.  The unit contains a 9VDC battery for a power supply.  The battery condition is displayed when the Push Button on top is pressed in.  If the top indicator light is bright, the battery is okay.  If is is dim or out, the battery needs replaced.  To replace the 9 volt battery, simply open the module by rotating the bottom cap off.  The power module is turned on when the receiving Antenna Rods are plugged in the Power Module's receptacle.  When not in use, unplug the Rods from the Power Module! Storing the Power Module with the Rods plugged in will drain the 9 volt battery.  Do not allow the Rods to touch each other while attached to the module as this will short out the battery also!

Receiving Antenna Rods-- The rods are powered by the Power Module.  The purpose of the Rods is to indicate to the Operator that he or she has walked into the transmission line between the Power Transducer and the Target. The rods are normally held steady and balanced at waist level, and slightly in front of the Operator.  They are held pointed in a forward direction parallel to each other, and at a distance of 8 to 18 inches apart.  What each individual needs to discover is just what distance best relates to themselves.  This decision will be by trial and error.  Please remember that an individual who is relaxed and calm will operate the equipment more successfully than one who is tense and rigid  The rods will cross naturally by themselves when you enter the RF Energy line.  When it first happens for you, you will learned to anticipate success and will welcome it when it happens!

Advanced 1550 Quad Collectors -- These four devices are used as passive repeaters to aid in pinpointing the location of targets.  They are "passive: in that they require no power supplies and simply pick up the Scanner's initial signal and pass it on to the target.  Initially, the primary pair are used to triangulate in on the target.  Once the area surrounding the target is localized, the secondary pair are used to pinpoint that target.