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Scanmaster, A real Cache and Treasure Finder.
At a price FAR BELOW other professional Treasure Hunting Equipment.

NEW!!! SCANMASTER 1520 Pro Quad
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Now With Quad (4) Collectors

The newest offering from the Scanmaster has more range, better discrimination and utilizes the same Quad Collector system offered in their "high-End" 1550 series. You will get better filtering of unwanted targets. The advanced main unit is lightweight and simple to use and there is no guesswork involved in the operator's part. Discrimination of unwanted targets is a simple turn of the frequency knob. All controls are clearly identified so that adjustments can be made quickly. The operating range of the 1520 Pro Quad is very good with some targets being detected at over a half mile away. Includes upgraded Pelican hard-shell carry case. 2 Year Limited Warranty.

BONUS: Now Comes With A Longer Range Advanced Power Transducer

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Many years have been spent experimenting with various theories, ideas, and devices to develop this small, but powerful transmitter capable of transmitting Radio Frequency (RF) signals through the soil over a considerable distance.  The emitted signal is induced into the soil in an omni-directional pattern of 360°. It is because of this induced energy that makes the targets visible.  This induced RF (Radio Frequency) energy from the transmission line interacts with the LC (Inductive- Capacitance) of the operator's circuit.  The normal response at that point is that the Rods will be attracted to each other.  This process actually conveys to the operator that the desired target is within range of the Scanner.
1 Year Limited Warranty
With (2) Dual Collectors and standard power module.

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ScanMaster 1550 QUAD
Gold! Silver! Platinum! The ScanMaster finds it all!
Both 1550's Have A Very long Range, At Up To And Over 1 + Miles
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The Scanmaster is the most exciting development yet for the serious or professional treasure hunter and prospector. Since 1960 John Fales and associates have spent thousands of hours with numerous induction function analyzers. This research made possible the use of electronic components that can pinpoint exact frequencies of various metals and minerals, and program the desired frequencies into a frequency transmitting device. The result is the Scanmaster, which features a powerful new generation of frequency transducers that can scan and search up to and over 1+ miles for a specific metal or mineral with positive discrimination of all other metals and minerals in the ground. More powerful with Four Quad Collectors and 1 Quad Transducer replacing standard collectors and transducer, all other features and operating range (3/4 mile) are the same as the Scanmaster 1550. 3 Year Limited Warranty

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Same as Scanmaster 1550 Quad,
but with only 2 collectors instead of four. Same range! Same Power!

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2 MHz Scanmaster Main Control Unit (Latest advanced programmed Frequency generator) - Powerful 12V Transducer System for greater power and long range accuracy - Power Module - 2 Receiver Rods - 2 Collectors Maximize Target Signal for Easier Location - Pelican Hard Carry Case - Ni-Cad High Power Battery - 110V Wall Charger.
3 Year Limited Warranty

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