Quantro Sensing Detectors

Quantro Sensing Metal Detectors

Magnetometers for Land and Water
Save $Thousands$ of Dollars on Professional Treasure Locators
Now Anyone Can "Step Up" to Find Real Treasure on Land and in the Water.
The Quantro Sensing (Discovery) finds any item made of iron, no matter what size; both large and small. You can locate buried iron cannons, anchors, and treasure chests, as well as any type of iron vessel! It is used by professional treasure hunters worldwide including relic hunters, marine industrial companies, ocean salvage companies, Archeologist, and local city municipalities.
All Quantro Sensing Magnetometer come with a 1 year warranty
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Quantro Metal Detectors - Stronger & Deeper Than A Regular Metal Detector!
Quantro Sensing Magnetometers
—— For the Water! ——
Quantro Discovery Digital Boat Towed Underwater Proton Magnetometer
Built in depth reading altimeter and MagSurvey software to be used w/ your own computer
Retail $12,999.00
NOW ONLY $ 9,199 .00
Total Package Savings: 29%
Quantro Sensing Magnetometers
—— For the Land! ——
Quantro Tone Magnetometer 1A Fast
More accurate target detection capability and a longer run time between charges
Retail $2,795.00
NOW ONLY $ 2,599 .00
Total Package Savings: 7%

120% Price Guarantee
Kellyco Metal Detector's guarantee to you, our valued customer that you cannot buy the same metal detectors we sell, for less money, anywhere in the U.S. We will reward you with cash, if within 10 days of your metal detector purchase you send us any factory authorized dealers catalog, mail order flier, or web site offering the same Product(s) for less than you paid, we will gladly refund the difference plus 20% of that difference.

Optional Software for Quantro Sensing Magnometers. Call for additional information and details. Software prices starting at $500.00 and up.

If you don't buy your Quantro Sensing metal detector from Kellyco you'll pay too much!

Discovery Underwater Proton Magnetometers find (ferrous metals) items made of iron and steel regardless of size, (large and small). You can locate buried and hidden iron cannons, anchors, and treasure chests, as well as any type of iron vessels and containers. Proton Magnetometers are used by both serious and professional treasure hunters worldwide, relic hunters, marine industrial companies, ocean salvage companies, archeologist, law enforcement agencies, search and rescue teams, and state, city, and local municipalities. Perfect for commercial uses and treasure hunting.

Treasure Hunters will appreciate how easy proton magnetometers are to use. You can quickly locate and pinpoint any buried iron treasure-in either fresh or salt water. Discovery Underwater Proton Magnetometers offer the most depth in any type of soils for all iron and steel targets. Yet the operation of Discovery Underwater Proton Magnetometers are simple, easy to tune and use, and requires only minimal training in the field. Many smart treasure hunters use Proton Magnetometers to locate iron strong boxes containing gold or silver coins, to find iron cannons, cannon balls, or guns from Civil War, Revolutionary War, and other known or newly discovered battle sites. Underwater Proton Magnetometers are the number One tool to trace and locate ships made from or containing iron and most especially ship wreck sites that contain treasures.

Discovery Underwater Proton Magnetometers find iron items that both tell a story and lead you to other treasures-it will find wagon wheels that tell the story of migration and locate old settlements where iron strapped wheels were used. Old wooden treasure chests that hid family fortunes had iron hinges and iron straps making them subject to being located and of course the many iron cannons that indicate sunken ships or wreckage plus cannon balls, spikes, iron rigging bolts and military items from battle sites.

Discovery Underwater Proton Magnetometers can locate items that an average treasure hunter will most certainly pass over with today's standard metal detectors. If you want to go to the next level of treasure hunting Underwater Proton Magnetometers will lead the way, at a most affordable price!

From Quantro Sensing: An excellent 1 year detector warranty.
From Kellyco Metal Detector Superstore: A rock solid LIFETIME program of back-up and support. For as long as you own your detector you are entitled to contact us (by phone, fax, or e-mail) to answer questions, and assist you with any problems or concerns.
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