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Pulse Star II Pro with 40" x 40" Coil
-1 Year Factory Warranty-

When you have to go really deep...Pulse Star II might possibly be the deepest hand held detector available today!

Bill and Stu on beach Pulse technology is not new and has been used for many years. However, this is the first deep pulse unit developed with capabilities of discrimination between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Combine the extreme depths attained with a pulse circuit, add the ability to discriminate, and you have a truly outstanding detector. The Pulse Star is not complicated; it only has four controls. These four knobs are clearly labeled and self explanatory. The meter not only shows the intensity of the signal, but also whether the target is ferrous (iron) or non-ferrous (larger targets only). Ferrous targets are indicated by both a low pitched tone and a green LED indicator light. A non-ferrous target is indicated by a high pitched tone and a RED indicator light. So simple to operate, anyone can successfully use it. When a manufacturer produces a metal detector that sells for $3995.00, they had better be sure it will deliver what they say. We at Kellyco have been testing metal detectors for over 35 years and have run across only a few that can even come close to the depth capabilities of the Pulse Star II, and none of those were priced below five figures!

"Operates easily with either 1 or 2 people"

How Does the Pulse Star II Pro Work?
Duty currents transmitted from the coil produce a primary magnetic field above the ground. This magnetic field induces eddy currents in conductive metals. Voltages caused by the decay of the eddy currents are detected, then amplified and displayed by a ticking rate/meter response. Discrimination works by analyzing the decay of the target's magnetic field. Smaller objects always create less decay, regardless of the material. That is why discrimination works only on larger objects, fist size or larger. In the transmitting phase strong duty currents flow through the coin approximately 600 times per second. The current is abruptly cut off causing the detector's magnetic field to collapse, which in turn creates eddy currents in metallic objects. After a short delay the coil switches from transmitting mode to receiving mode. The secondary field, created by the metallic objects eddy currents, induces very low tensions in the receiving coil. These are amplified for use with a meter and audio signal. In general, detection range will increase fast with increased target size.
coil sled metal detectors

Penetrates in Feet as well as Inches...Why more professional treasure hunters are buying the Pulse Star II Pro than any other professional detector!

Pulsestar face plate metal detector FEATURES
Visual Target Indicator-green light ferrous/red light nonferrous-Audio Target Identification by Tone- Silent Search or Tone Mode - Eliminates Small Object Automatically -Automatically Eliminates Trash- Large Search coil 40'X40" standard - Audio Tune Knob- Sample Delay Switch - Silent Mode - Retune Mode Automatically Recalls The Previous Preset Calibration. Battery can be checked, small targets and highly mineralized soil can be eliminated, and the ticking rate can be calibrated in conjunction with the Audio Tune knob.


A Tremendous opportunity to own a true deep seeking "professional" treasure locator. Pulse Star II is one of the few detectors with an absolute history of locating very valuable treasures from around the world. Pulse Star II Detectors have probably been responsible for the recovery of more treasure caches, buried treasures and hidden hoards than any other single detector used for treasure searching.

Now, a very special offer by Kellyco and Pulse Star Manufacturing to enable the average treasure hunter to obtain a professional proven treasure recovery detector at a price below normal dealer cost. This offer is limited to detectors allocated for this program. When they are all sold our sale price will revert to our regular discount price. This opportunity is simply to good to pass up! If you look at the price of a regular hand held detector with a single round coil, and compare the depth to a square coil Pulse Star professional detector, your choice is obvious if you are serious in locating buried treasures, hidden caches, gold veins, and treasure caves as well as locating deep relics and artifacts from known battle sites. This great offer and the opportunity it presents should be snatched up NOW!  An opportunity like this may come once in a lifetime. If you miss it, you may never have the opportunity to really finding deep treasures, gold and relics.

Pulse Star II Pro Instruction Manual
depending on soil conditions/target size/time in the ground
pulsestar metal detector
with Square 40"X40" Coil
PRICE $3,995.00
Gives the deepest depth of any size coils. Covers a large area quickly.Used for mid-level and deeply buried treasures and caches.
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Add 2 Meter Coil To Get Maximum Depth!

with Square 40"X40" Coil and 18" dynamic coil
PRICE $4,499.00
Used for mid-level to deep treasures
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Add 2 Meter Coil To Get Maximum Depth!

This detector ships in 2 separate boxes!
A). Control Box - Requires Shipping
B). Search Coils - Requires Shipping


Product Name Sale Price Product Name Sale Price
1 meter X 1 meter (40" x 40") coil (4 tubes) at 40" ea.
(without Carry Bag)
Cigarette lighter charger
1 meter X 1 meter (40" x 40") coil (4 tubes) at 40" ea.
(with Carry Bag)
S-Style Rod w/ handle for 10" & 18" coils $179.00
1 meter X 1 meter (40" x 40") coil (8 tubes) at 20" ea. $498.00
NEW/US/EuropeanWall charger 120V/220V $89.00
2 meter X 2 meter (80" x 80") coil (8 tubes) at 40" ea.
(without Carry Bag)
Replacement straps for 1 meter coil $38.00
Universal Search Loop (adjustable) 8m (26ft) $395.00
Solar panel charger
(Special Order)
10" Search coil (single coins - small caches) (25cm) $259.00
Leather carry case for control box $96.00
18" dynamic coil
(open style profile)
Lead acid battery for Pulse Star II $50.00
1"d dia. Cylindrical probe (for shafts/holes) 1"x10" (32ft cable) $319.00
Replacement straps for 2 meter coil Strap for one person use. $45.00
Waterproof extension cable 16 feet $135.00
Headphones for Pulse Star II $30.00
Waterproof extension cable 32 feet $189.00
Waterproof extension cable 100 feet $270.00