Serious/Professional Pro Metal Detectors

For serious treasure hunters that need to be able to go deeper than hand held " Hobby and Sports" metal detectors. Now locate treasures to 100 feet deep!

We cannot "see" into the ground and standard metal detectors using transmit/receive Search coils are limited in depth and are restricted to a scan area no larger than the Search coils. It has been difficult for the serious treasure hunter to search large areas with any degree of accuracy or to penetrate more than a couple of feet into the ground with a standard type metal detector.

When someone secrets a treasure you can bet that it will be deep enough that it will not be unearthed accidentally. Even those few caches that were buried fairly shallow (for quick recovery) have naturally sunk over a period of years to a depth that may be unreachable to even today's most sensitive hand held "coin type " metal detectors. The locators/detectors that were considered "professional" have been, until recently, priced out of reach for most hobby/semi-pro treasure hunters. KELLYCO has tested all the metal detectors listed and has made some "super" arrangements with the manufacturers to be able to offer these professional metal detectors at a price that is affordable. If you have a "real" treasure need a "real" treasure detector, a professional pro metal detector. You do not want to leave that recovery for someone else to "find" accidentally. KELLYCO staff members will be happy to assist you in selecting the right professional metal detector or locator for the particular type of treasure you may be seeking or... answer any questions you may have about professional treasure hunting metal detectors, resistively locators, long range detectors and electronic ground penetrating detection equipment.

OKM Locating Technology Limited is one of the Worlds leading manufacturers of Geophysical / Ground penetrating instruments and metal detectors. Locate deep treasures with equipment that "sees into the ground " as you operate the locator. Find gold, silver, meteorites, caves, tunnels, etc. For serious treasure hunters.

There is nothing like this new generation radar, because it really is one of a kind. This is the most advanced electromagnetic detection system ever produced. Golden King (Detector) Deep Processor Radar was produced using the ARM9 micro-processing technology having the capability to process 150% more samples and is 210% faster than an ordinary metal detector! It is the only system in the world to process images of its targets in REAL-TIME as they are discovered.

For over two decades, Aquascan metal detectors have been the world leaders in High-End professional Beach and underwater pulse induction metal detectors. Aquascan makes no compromises in the durability of their products. Using only the best sourced components like Ikelite underwater connectors and ultra-abrasion resistance cables this professional detector will endure some of the toughest salt water environments. Many of today's underwater metal detectors are not designed to hold up long-term to these harsh hunting conditions but Aquascan detectors can take it without issue!

Discovery Proton Magnetometers are designed for serious treasure hunters around the world. Discovery's easy to use Proton magnetometers offer the greatest depth of any proton type metal detector on small and larger buried targets and are capable of detecting very large Iron treasures at distances of up to 150 feet. Affordable rugged Detectors made in the USA

Find Gold and Other Deep Treasures Over 25 to 40 Feet Deep. The Lorenz metal detecting systems are recognized as some of the most sensitive and stable metal detecting devices for both amateur and serious treasure hunters wanting to search for the deeper more valuable treasures throughout the world.

All buried metals, precious and non-precious, oxidize and/or decay at different rates due to their particular metallic composition. Relative to the length of time metal objects are lost or secreted in the ground, they can be found with specialized equipment that measures the average or normal ground in an area, then by sending carrier wave signals through the ground, the GPL can locate the buried object or objects between the sensor probes.

Electronic components can pinpoint exact frequencies of various metals and minerals, and program the desired frequencies into a frequency transmitting device. The result is Scanmaster, featuring a powerful new generation of frequency transducers that scan and search up to 3/4 mile for a specific metal or mineral with positive discrimination of all other metals and minerals in the ground.

Pro Series II Locators. Revolutionary units are actually two locators in one portable package. They are used in combination, first to seek a long range target, then as you close in to identify the location to dig. Plus, the unit can be hip-mounted. In the long range mode. The two systems are used to locate gold, silver, iron (strong boxes) or diamonds.

The Experts in Underwater Search and Video Equipment. J.W. Fishers has been producing not only the world's finest, but the world's most complete line of precision underwater search and detection equipment. The company routinely outfits professionally led search teams hunting and locating underwater treasures throughout the World. Products includes equipment for amateurs and pros.

Penetrates in Feet as well as Inches... Currents transmitted from the coil produce a primary magnetic field above the ground. This magnetic field induces eddy currents in conductive metals. Voltages caused by the decay of the eddy currents are detected, then amplified and displayed by a ticking rate/meter response. The current is abruptly cut off causing the detector's magnetic field to collapse, which in turn creates eddy currents in metallic objects.

Simmons Scientific Products
Long Range
Metal/Treasure Locators
Long Range Directional Locating Instruments for Precious Metals & Minerals. These lightweight, powerful instruments can be used to search for large or very small treasures. Antenna length can be adjusted according to whether you are looking for close by or distant targets. All directional locating instruments listed are "self potential", which means they do not rely upon outside sources (batteries) for power.

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