Kellyco FiberComp 2 in 1 Combo Digger & Sifter

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Kellyco FiberComp 2 in 1 Combo Digger & Sifter


Product Description

2 in 1 is NOT a replacement for the many steel and metal digging tools available. It is a composite tool made from nylon and fiberglass and is virtually unbreakable. It was constructed to work in sand and very loose soils, (think of the beach or sand under playground equipment). When you get a signal and are NOT carrying a digger, the 2 in 1 digger can dig up sand or soil, shake it so loose soils/sand drop through the holes leaving coins and rings behind. Use it on land or in the water, 2 in 1 floats! Never rusts, hooks easily to your belt using a regular old shower curtain ring.

**Please Note: If you are a gold hunter look at the black, Non-metallic Polymer Digger (on Scoops accessory page) that can help you separate very small raw gold or gold jewelry.

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