Kellyco Loop Support Assembly (Teknetics / Fisher)

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Kellyco Loop Support Assembly (Teknetics / Fisher)

For Fisher F75, F4, CZ-21 - and Teknetics Omega, T2, G2

Product Description

Five position loop support attaches to your search coil to keep it at the exact angle you choose which results in deeper detection. Adjusts to any angle, any position easily without tools.

Kellyco Loop Support Assembly (Teknetics / Fisher) Compatible

F75 item: na12-f75

Retail: $1249.00
Only $949.00
F75 Special Edition LTD (BLK)

F75 Special Edition LTD (BLK) item: na12-f75ltd

Retail: $1449.00
Only $1099.00
F75 - 3 Coil Package

F75 - 3 Coil Package item: na12-f75combo

Retail: $1549.00
Only $1149.00

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