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Kellyco Loop Support MP with detector purchase

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Kellyco Loop Support MP with detector purchase

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Loop Support - No Tools Needed!
A Must Have Accessory!

5-Position Loop Support attaches to your search coil to keep it at the exact angle you choose which results in deeper detection. Place the search coil directly on the ground and adjust the stem to a comfortable length so that when you stand with the detector at your side, the search coil is parallel with the ground. This is very important. The detector must now be swung in a half-circle in front of you keeping the search coil parallel to and about an inch above the ground.

Use All Of Your Coil Depth
When you set your detector down to recover a target, or when you bump on the ground, a tree or rock, you can easily alter the angle of the loop and lose depth. The LOOP SUPPORT will permanently keep the coil at the exact angle you have selected to keep the coil parallel tot the ground, resulting in a deeper detection pattern and more finds as illustrated in the diagram, A illustrates how much depth can be lost by even a slight angle of the coil, B shows proper detecting pattern with the loop support.