Detech 13" Ultimate DD Search Coil (Minelab E-Series)

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Detech 13" Ultimate DD Search Coil (Minelab E-Series)

The ULTIMATE coil is a new generation DD coil. This coil works with Minealb E-Trac, Explorer, and Safari, and **a coil cover is included with this search coil. Compared with the classic DD coils
it has the following advantages:
  • Ribbed housing, specially designed for absorbing the mechanical shocks and vibrations,
    made of special polymer, strengthened with glass fibers, with maximum UV protection
  • More stable operation
  • Better sensitivity
  • Better pinpointing
  • More accurate target identification
  • More stable ground and better overall field performance
  • Keeps its perfect inductive balance in a very wide temperature range.
  • Light for it’s size, it weighs approximately 480g
Detech 13" Ultimate DD Search Coil (Minelab E-Series) Compatible

E-Trac item: na237-32280002

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