Pulse Star

Pulse Star
When you have to go really deep...Pulse Star II Pro might possibly be the deepest hand held detector available today!

A tremendous opportunity to own a true deep seeking "professional" treasure locator. Pulse Star II Pro is one of the few detectors with an absolute history of locating very valuable treasures from around the world. Pulse Star II Pro Detectors have probably been responsible for the recovery of more treasure caches, buried treasures and hidden hoards than any other single detector used for treasure searching.

Now, a very special offer by Kellyco and Pulse Star Manufacturing to enable the average treasure hunter to obtain a professional proven treasure recovery detector at a price below normal dealer cost. This offer is limited to detectors allocated for this program. When they are all sold our sale price will revert to our regular discount price. This opportunity is simply to good to pass up! If you look at the price of a regular hand held detector with a single round coil, and compare the depth to a square coil Pulse Star professional detector, your choice is obvious if you are serious in locating buried treasures, hidden caches, gold veins, and treasure caves as well as locating deep relics and artifacts from known battle sites. This great offer and the opportunity it presents should be snatched up NOW! An opportunity like this may come once in a lifetime. If you miss it, you may never have the opportunity to really finding deep treasures, gold and relics.

Detector comes with 1 year factory warranty!

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Total Package Savings: 20%
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