JW Fishers Pulse 8X Version 2 Metal Detector

Key Features (read more...)

  • 7.5" Search Coil
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Full Meter Readout
  • Rechargeable Batteries
Total Value: $3,146.60
Only: $1,984.95
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JW Fishers Pulse 8X Version 2 Metal Detector

with 7.5" Search Coil & Bulkhead Fitting‌ Plus FREE Ground Shipping & FREE Metal Detecting

Product Description

The Pulse 8X is the highest performance pulse induction metal detector on the market today. It’s the choice of the Pros! The Pulse 8X with 7.5" search coil is in use by military, law enforcement, commercial, and salvage divers worldwide. Heavy duty construction make this detector ideal for commercial applications and the preferred detector of many professional treasure hunters.

The claim-to-fame of this pulse induction metal detector is it’s ability to ignore mineralization in the environment while maintaining high sensitivity to all metal targets. The Pulse 8X is not affected by highly mineralized salt water, coral, rocks with a high iron content, or magnetic (black) sand; all of which drive conventional detectors crazy. Also, the detection range is unaffected by the medium between the metal detector and the metal target. Performance does not change whether detecting through air, water, silt, sand, or solid coral.

JW Fishers’ Pulse 8X is the finest hand-held pulse detector on the market today. Extremely user friendly, it has excellent meter and audio response to targets. It also features heavy duty commercial construction. Hundreds of these units have been sold to satisfied divers, including the most famous treasure diver of them all, Mel Fisher, 200 FT. depth rating.

*NOTE: Version 1 and Version 2 are exactly the same with one exception.

  • Version 1 is "hardwired" with the factory installed 7.5" search coil and cannot use other sizes
  • Version 2 has a bulkhead fitting that allows the detector to change to other size coils
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“To find buried treasure of course! (haha) I enjoy the hobby of finding stuff that you really don't know what it is and then having the chance that you might find something really worth a lot. But mostly the priceless time you spend with family and friends relic/treasure hunting!"
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Product Features

  • 7.5" Search Coil
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Full Meter Readout
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Commercial grade construction
  • Audio Jack with Detachable Earphones
  • Optional Interchangeable Coils: Allow this detector to be used on land, underwater, or deployed from a boat
Free Accessories Value: $646.60
Kit: n569-90
Land Headphones
Cat# 569-hland

These Land Headphones from JW Fishers make the difference between those who find "surface" coins and those with quality phones who recover the deeper more valuable coins, rings, jewelry, etc. Many treasures are older and deeper giving off a weak signal when detected due to depth and size. Add the sound of surf on a beach, traffic and wind rustling through the trees, and a dozen other sounds that easily prevent you from hearing that low signal, you pass right over these targets. What separates those who consistently find more older silver coins and even gold coins, in our opinion, are those using headphones, and not just any headphones
but phones that are proven to get the deeper targets!

Value: $60.00
Rugged Cordura Carry Bag
Cat# 569-carrybag

A carrying bag is an essential item in the arsenal of any treasure hunter. Protecting your investment on your quest for gold, rings, coins, relics and jewelry is very important. These carry bags are perfect for any metal detectorist wanting to preserve the quality of their metal detector.

Value: $9.95
Aluminum Land Handle
Cat# 569-rod

Unlike the corrosion proof PVC handle for underwater use, the anodized aluminum handle by JW Fishers is meant for hunting on the land with your Pulse 6x or Pulse 8x detector.

Value: $150.00
Cat# 569-jumpwires

These jumpwires are to be used with your JW Fishers Pulse 6x or Pulse 8x metal detector.

Value: $34.95
AC and DC Battery Chargers
Cat# 569-charger

Powered by an internal 9 volt rechargeable battery pack, the JW Fishers Pulse 6x and Pulse 8x detectors will easily run all day on a full charge. With the AC and DC Battery Chargers, recharge the battery overnight and be ready for another full day of hunting.

Value: $75.00
Rugged Codura Pouch
Cat# 569-pouch

Pouch for the electronics housing. The "Safe Way" to make sure what you find stays with you! Too many treasure Hunters have found out the sorrowful way that putting your hand into your pants pockets also means that you can (and do) many times slide out many recovered coins. KEEP WHAT YOU FIND with any of these pouches.

Value: $19.95
Cat# 569-belt

This Belt by JW Fishers serves as a dive belt. Mount a spare battery pack onto the belt and be prepared to go on an underwater adventure!

Value: $10.00
Single Underwater Earphone
Cat# 569-bonephone

The Single Underwater Earphone from JW Fishers allows divers to connect to their JW Fishers detector (Pulse 6x or Pulse 8x) and listen for any signals output by the device. The single underwater earphone slips under the mask strap or into the diver’s hood.

Value: $75.00
Search Team Cap
Cat# 569-cl25

The official JW Fishers Search Team hat is now available! The black twill cap with adjustable headband has the JW Fishers logo and the words "SEARCH TEAM" embroidered in gold.

Value: $15.95
Trailblazer Accessory Carry Bag
Cat# 64-5655l

The perfect carrying bag for "Hands Free" metal detecting. This all new Trailblazer Accessory Carry bag is made from a durable tightly woven water-resistant Nylon material in a stain resistant Desert Brown color with an adjustable 1.5" wide over the shoulder carry strap.

Overall size 14x14x7" The large main compartment features a Velcro closing strap and gives you plenty of room to carry all your digging tools, extra coils, rain gear, even a full size laptop! There are two 5x6" inside pockets for cell phones, GPS navigation system, book, maps, etc. Three 1" slotted pockets for your coin probes - mesh side pocket for water bottle - inside quick release clip for keys and lots more.

Value: $79.95
Waterproof Sports Watch
Cat# 1487-elspwat1

From Kellyco Outdoors (A Kellyco Company) comes a great looking Mitaki-Japan WATERPROOF Cold Light SPORTS WATCH. Has a very large dial surface for easy viewing in or out of the water as well as many usable functions including Standard display: hour, minute, second,
month, date, and week. Plus Stopwatch function, alarm, snooze and more! We were only able to obtain
a few watches due to the heavy demand and the great price we negotiated!

Value: $24.95
Green Scoop
Cat# 64-5641

New non conductive and non corrosive extra heavy duty Kellyco Deluxe plastic sand scoop. Scoop has been re-designed and is now stronger. A great sand scoop that saves digging time. 54 5/8" holes designed to quickly pass sand through while keeping valuables as small as
dimes and wedding bands inside scoop. Made from Non-corrosive HD plastic (no rusting), half gallon capacity.

Value: $24.95
Gator S-30 Shovel
Cat# 277-sho28

A strong, sturdy shovel similar to what you see treasure hunters and metal detector enthusiasts using on different TV shows. These "short" shovels are used in large areas such as farm fields, old homesteads, beaches, camp sites, forests, etc. wherever you need to detect large areas and do not need to worry about leaving holes in cultivated grass lawns. Gator S30 is NOT a standard heavyweight shovel but a combination of tempered steel and fiberglass, 50% to 75% lighter and at 28" easier to carry with you. Shovel head has a round shape with "step foot" for power digging if needed. You can sharpen edges if needed.

Value: $65.95
*Kellyco reserves the right to substitute any free items in accessory packs/kits/options when items are no longer in stock.
JW Fishers Pulse 8X Version 2 Accessories
Battery Pack (Pulse 6X / 8X Pro)

Battery Pack (Pulse 6X / 8X Pro) item: 569-B18

Retail: $120.00
Only $75.00

10" Search Coil w/ Connector item: 569-C10

Only $195.00

16" Search Coil w/ Connector item: 569-C16

Retail: $395.00
Only $395.00

18" Coil w/ Connector & 100' Cable item: 569-C18

Retail: $795.00
Only $795.00

22" Hand Probe w/ 1" Coil item: 569-C22

Only $295.00

8"x48" Oval Search Coil w/ Skids & 100' Cable item: 569-C24

Retail: $1295.00
Only $1295.00
Dual Underwater Headphones

Dual Underwater Headphones item: 569-h17

Retail: $239.00
Only $199.00

5" Coil with connector item: 569-c5

Only $175.00
220 vac Transformer for Charger

220 vac Transformer for Charger item: 569-220

Retail: $55.00
Only $35.00
Land Headphones

Land Headphones item: 569-hland

Retail: $60.00
Only $60.00

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