Lorenz Deepmax Z1 Metal Detector System Metal Detector

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  • 14" DD Search Coil & 40"x40" Frame Coil
  • Technology - Pulse Ground Balancing Syst...
  • Highly sensitive to all kinds of metal
  • Improved ferrous / non-ferrous identific...
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Lorenz Deepmax Z1 Metal Detector System Metal Detector

with 14" (35cm) DD Coil & 40"x40" (1x1M) Frame Coil

Product Description

The LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 series detectors are some of the newest developments in the field of Pulse GBS metal detectors. It is probably one of the most sensitive and stable metal detecting devices of its kind presently available. The LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 is the result of many years of research and development. A lot of efforts have been put into making this new product and especially in the new improved metal classifications and automatic ground balancing facilities.

The Pulse GBS (Pulse Ground Balancing System) is especially suitable for searching at depth. The performance of this electronic device is almost unaffected by salt water, most types of mineralized grounds or temperature changes. Specially designed electronics cancel out signals from the ground while offering stable signals from the metal objects. The DEEPMAX Z1 is therefore a reliable tool to locate at great depths even under the worst environmental conditions. A new improved circuit design suppresses interference from power lines and a power pulse technique produces very accurate signals to obtain very high detection depths.

The LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 is a high quality specialist Detector and it is designed to be used with both, small or large coils. Large coils offer extreme depth capabilities for big metal objects because of the strong and deep going magnetic field produced. Small coils are preferably used while searching for small objects like single coins or gold nuggets.

This model offers a great range on non-ferrous metal objects in general. A very simple operation is guaranteed by a specially developed LC Display and a minimum amount of controls. At the same time this detector model offers a number of features which are new for a pulse metal detector. Quality electronics and very special designed electronic - circuitry produce benefits in terms of ease of use as well as sensitivity.

Deepmax X5 in use The LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 is based on the non-motion Pulse GBS (Pulse Ground Balancing System). Short and intensive magnetic pulses are emitted by means of a search coil first. Those magnetic pulses produce eddy currents in conducting materials like metal objects. Said eddy currents will be kept in a metal object and will die away after the magnetic pulse emitted by the search coil has turned off. This is the reason why it is possible to detect those eddy currents during the time delayed receiving phase by means of the same search coil which now acts as a receiving coil. A rather complicated electronic circuitry is necessary to detect those tiny voltage changes and has to separate that particular signal from interference also received. The signal has to be amplified to drive an audio stage with voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), which emits an audible signal either by headphones or built-in loudspeaker when a metal is in the near of the field of the search coil.

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Product Features

  • 14" DD Search Coil & 40"x40" Frame Coil
  • Technology - Pulse Ground Balancing System
  • Highly sensitive to all kinds of metal
  • Improved ferrous / non-ferrous identification
  • Variety of search coils are available for different detection purposes
  • Fast charge electronics for worldwide operation 90-265V AC/ 50-60Hz
  • Reliable / simple operation with few controls and customized LCD Display
  • Single or dual induction balanced or differential coil designs can be used
  • Logarithmic audio response and intensity bar graph reading for easy pinpointing
  • Low frequency interference elimination circuitry for less interference in urban areas
  • Rugged, refined mechanical construction with water and dust protected electronics unit
  • Calibrated static (non-motion) target classification with visual conductivity/ time delay reading
  • GPS based meter, Track, Field and Compass Heading information, makes it easy to work with the data logger
  • Signal strength bar graph, time delay reading, ferrous/ non-ferrous icons, battery condition and all the mode settings are displayed simultaneously on a large LCD Display
  • Easy to use data logger function works with Optional Hard- and Software kit to generate six 2D image and six 3D surface maps from the scans being taken. Each map is different depending on the electronic analysis method and therefore can be the key to the probable kind of metal buried in the ground
Lorenz Deepmax Z1 Metal Detector System Accessories

14" (35cm) Coil Concentric Open Style item: 147-c14

Retail: $379.95
Only $349.95

14" (35cm) DD Coil item: 147-c14dd

Retail: $499.95
Only $449.95

18" (45cm) Coil Concentric Open Style item: 147-c18

Retail: $399.95
Only $359.95
Universal Cable Coil

Universal Cable Coil item: 147-C26

Retail: $339.95
Only $299.95
1 x 1 m Frame Coil

1 x 1 m Frame Coil item: 147-c300

Retail: $499.95
Only $449.95
40' (12m) Coil Only (LD) Deepmax Only

40' (12m) Coil Only (LD) Deepmax Only item: 147-C40CC

Retail: $379.95
Only $329.95

Telescopic "S" Pole (Deepmax / LPX2) item: 147-hwspole

Retail: $199.95
Only $189.95
Double Frame Coil Kit

Double Frame Coil Kit item: 147-ld

Retail: $1699.95
Only $1449.95

10.25" (26cm) Coil (LD / LPX2) item: 147-10

Retail: $399.95
Only $359.95
Wall Charger (Deepmax)

Wall Charger (Deepmax) item: 147-rsdm

Retail: $259.95
Only $259.95
 Data Logger Software Kit (Deepmax Z1)

Data Logger Software Kit (Deepmax Z1) item: 147-0088

Retail: $2499.95
Only $1899.95
Ext. Cable for Cable Coils, 5 Meters

Ext. Cable for Cable Coils, 5 Meters item: 147-cable5

Retail: $179.95
Only $169.95
Y-Adapter for Deepmax

Y-Adapter for Deepmax item: 147-yadap

Retail: $199.95
Only $179.95