OKM Evolution Metal Detector

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  • Total Weight - 2.65 lbs. (1.2 kgs.)
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • 3D ground mapping
  • Finds gold and silver
Total Value: $5,499.00
Only: $4,999.95
You Save: $499.05 (9%)

OKM Evolution Metal Detector

New 3D ground scanner enforces what the name already promises. Ground Penetrating Instruments. Built with German Precision, Backed with American Support

Product Description

Now at a very affordable price! The new 3D ground scanner Evolution enforces what the name already promises. This deep scan detector takes another step forward in advanced metal detection technology. It is a stunning blend of functionality, ergonomics and futuristic design.

A state of the art touch screen display and wireless bluetooth communication between the main unit and probe are only some of the innovative features. This device combines different high-end detection technologies in an extremely small, lightweight and compact easy to handle unit.The telescopic probe makes it easily transportable and rugged enough and suitable for nearly all terrains.

The lightweight main unit with touch screen display can be mounted on the telescopic probe or carried on the wrist holder. This makes it comfortable for treasure hunters and prospectors in nearly every environment. With integrated LED lamps it is even ready for the dark.

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Need help before you buy?
Call us! (1-888-535-5926) We don’t just sell metal detectors we use them on a daily basis. We are called by detector manufacturers in the US and Europe to FIELD TEST new detectors before they are offered for sale. We know detectors and are ready to help you.

life time support

Lifetime Support!
In addition to your factory warranty, Kellyco’s team of Certified Factory Trained Metal Detector Experts are available to answer all your questions and give you practical and helpful support as well as technical advice for as long as you own this metal detector. Our modern, well equipped Metal Detector Maintenance and Repair Center does warranty and out-of-warranty repairs as well as customizing land and water metal detectors and devices. Kellyco offers services not available at Big Box Stores or at other dealers and companies merely selling a box with a detector in it. Kellyco is MUCH more than that!

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Buy with Confidence!
Kellyco’s Price Match Guarantee assures each customer that You ALWAYS Get the Very Best Price on all your purchases. It’s GUARANTEED!

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“I ran out of interesting things to do like fishing and hunting so getting long in the tooth I took up metal detecting. I got so involved in it I joined a local club, became vice president and everything had been great. Good friends have been made since being in this great hobby"
Actual comment from "Why Did You Buy Your Metal Detector" contest

Product Features

  • Total Weight - 2.65 lbs. (1.2 kgs.)
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • 3D ground mapping
  • Finds gold and silver
  • Easy handling in difficult terrains
  • Getting started in 3d metal detection
  • Locate hidden rooms or underground voids
  • Quick and easy detection of buried materials
  • Find buried treasure and determine position & depth

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