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Long Handle Scoops

Scoop Video Scoops are probably one of the great time savers for detectorists especially in sand or loose dirt. Why take minutes to move sand from one side to another to find that coin or ring, when ONE SCOOP will do it in seconds! Take a look at the video on the right to see one of our scoops, the Beachmaster 2 in 1 Adjustable Hand Scoop, in action.

Kellyco promises to take your detector back if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase. No questions asked!

Long Handle Scoops
Retail $79.95
NOW ONLY $ 64 .95
Total Package Savings: 19%
Retail $79.95
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NEW Pro Handle Only $19.95 - Save your back while digging on the Beach!
The ProHandle is an ergonomically designed auxiliary handle that is "added on" to any Long Handle Scoop, shovel, rake etc. The design encourages one to work with a more erect, less stressful posture, reducing strain and injury to lower back muscles and joints.
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Pro Handle
Retail Price $29.95
Price at Only $19.95
Plus shipping of $7.95 - UPS Gound
Cat# 1449-11189
Pro Handle Logo
  • Get more leverage!
  • Made from the Strongest made Reinforced Nylon!
  • All stainless steel hardware!
  • Works with any strong Long Handle Beach Scoop!
  • The ProHandle is Strong and Fully adjustable!
  • The ProHandle is lightweight! 1lb 2oz.
  • Extends the life of your Scoop by reducing the stress on the basket!
  • Easy to Move from Scoop to Scoop!
  • Can also be used on Shovels, Rakes, brooms etc.
  • Comes in an High visibility Lime Green color
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