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Petzl TIKKA XP Headlamp (Black)

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  • Push-Button is Easy to Use, Even with Gloves
  • Mixed Fabric and Elastic Headband for Improve
  • Washable Headband
  • Battery Case Opens Easily for Changing Batter
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Petzl TIKKA XP Headlamp (Black)

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  • Push-Button is Easy to Use, Even with Gloves On
  • Mixed Fabric and Elastic Headband for Improved Comfort and Support During Dynamic Activities
  • Washable Headband
  • Battery Case Opens Easily for Changing Batteries

The TIKKA XP headlamp is designed for all scenarios encountered during outdoor activities. With its multi-beam, it offers comfortable proximity lighting, allows movement, and provides long-range vision (120 lumens, 50 meters). The headlamp also has a Boost mode (160 lumens, 70 meters), offering temporary access to maximum power, and red lighting and strobe mode, usable at any time to signal one’s presence. CONSTANT LIGHTING technology: brightness does not decrease gradually as the batteries are drained.
  • Several modes and lighting colors adapt to each situation:
    • A mode adapted for proximity vision: wide, uniform beam
    • A mode adapted for movement: mixed beam with focused component allows user to move around comfortably
    • A mode adapted for long-range vision: focused beam
    • Boost mode for temporary access to maximum power
    • Red lighting for discreet close range vision
    • Strobe mode for signaling one’s presence, accessible at any time
  • Burn time management allows user to easily anticipate battery replacement:
    • Automatically switches to reserve mode when batteries are almost drained (signaled by blinking light)
    • Red lighting switches on when batteries are practically empty to preserve maximum visibility
    • By using Ni-MH or lithium batteries you can double the burn time while keeping the same brightness.
  • Weight: 85g
  • Technology: Constant Lighting
  • Beam Pattern: Wide, Mixed, Focused
  • Energy: 3 AAA/LR03 Batteries (included)
  • Battery Compatibility: Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries & Lithium Batteries
  • Certification(s): CE
  • Watertightness: IP X4, Weather Resistant