White's GMT Metal Detector

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  • 6x10" DD Search Coil
  • Total Weight - 4.2 lbs.
  • Frequency - 48 kHz
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
Total Value: $815.40
Only: $729.00
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White's GMT Metal Detector

with 6x10" DD Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories

Product Description

The GMT is White’s answer to the great American gold rush! With automatic ground balancing and an easy-to-read meter, this metal detector doesn’t waste your time with intricate settings. Instead it puts the best gold hunting tools in your hands, ready to go! The most exciting aspect of White’s GMT is that it is driven by an advanced microprocessor that will ignore all of the harsh ground minerals found in gold-bearing areas. The Goldmaster GMT was created for affordability and success in the most exciting aspect of metal detecting - gold prospecting!

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In addition to your factory warranty, Kellyco’s team of Certified Factory Trained Metal Detector Experts are available to answer all your questions and give you practical and helpful support as well as technical advice for as long as you own this metal detector. Our modern, well equipped Metal Detector Maintenance and Repair Center does warranty and out-of-warranty repairs as well as customizing land and water metal detectors and devices. Kellyco offers services not available at Big Box Stores or at other dealers and companies merely selling a box with a detector in it. Kellyco is MUCH more than that!

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Why buy a metal detector? (Changes Weekly)
“To find buried treasure of course! (haha) I enjoy the hobby of finding stuff that you really don't know what it is and then having the chance that you might find something really worth a lot. But mostly the priceless time you spend with family and friends relic/treasure hunting!"
Actual comment from "Why Did You Buy Your Metal Detector" contest

Product Features

  • 6x10" DD Search Coil
  • Total Weight - 4.2 lbs.
  • Frequency - 48 kHz
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Variable Self-Adjusting Threshold (VSAT)
  • Slide-in "AA" Battery System with approx 40 hours of hunting
  • Initial Control Settings on each control get you out hunting right away
  • Full-time Iron ID Bar Graph displays the percentage probability of iron
  • "Follow the Paystreaks" displays the amount of magnetic minerals in the ground
  • The Grab push pad instantaneously sets the ground balance with just a touch of the push pad. In both Automatic and Manual modes
  • Optional Audio Iron ID "Grunt" comes at the end of the GMT’s "zip-zip" sound. Instantaneously alerts you to a high-probability iron target
  • Automatic Ground Balance with fast AutoTrac cancels the ground minerals in seconds and then tracks to changing conditions as you hunt
  • Iron Target Analyzer: Squeeze the trigger and the GMT stops tracking and begins to analyze the target to determine its probability of being iron with each successive pass of the search coil. Data is added or subtracted with each sweep and sent to the bar graph and to the Audio "Grunt" alert feature. Release the trigger and you’re off and hunting again

Factory Included

  • Metal Detector Stand
  • Speaker Cover Decal
  • Penlight 8AA Battery Holder
  • Instructional DVD Video
Free Accessories Value: $15.45
Kit: n960-8000294
25 Best Kept Secrets
Cat# 960-6000212

A NEW Book by White’s Metal Detectors to help you know where to go for information, what to do, where to search and all the various opportunities to use your metal detector to get the maximum amount of coins, rings and treasures. Among the 25 secrets are "The Best Place to Start?", "Why Sidewalks Can Be A Money Maker", "Use Your Local Library For A Glimpse Into The Past", "Why Keep A Log Of Your Finds", plus many more secrets to finding treasures.

Value: $4.95
Dreams Come True
Cat# 960-6000203

A collection of stories from White’s customers. Very interesting stories from many people using many different models of White’s metal detectors. Their stories plus fabulous color pictures of their finds. See gold coins, military relics, rings, jewelry, etc. Be amazed at what a metal detector can find! You too can be one of these many people whose dreams Have Come True.

Value: $5.00
Collectors Edition Treasure Hunting Magazine
Cat# 1-mag

Back Issue. Could be Collectors Issue.

Metal Detecting hobby magazine filled with stories, articles, "How-To" new treasure sites and more.

Value: $9.95
*Kellyco reserves the right to substitute any free items in accessory packs/kits/options when items are no longer in stock.
White's GMT Accessories
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Only $19.95
Lower Fiber Rod (All Models)

Lower Fiber Rod (All Models) item: 960-50002421

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Only $13.99
GMT 6x10

GMT 6x10" Elliptical Coil Cover item: 960-5011068

Retail: $6.95
Only $5.95
Sierra Gold Max 8x14

Sierra Gold Max 8x14" DD Loop Coil Cover item: 960-5014101

Retail: $8.95
Only $7.95
Mini 4x6

Mini 4x6" DD Loop Cover (Bluemax Series) item: 960-5014117

Retail: $5.95
Only $4.95
110V NiCad Charger

110V NiCad Charger item: 960-5090022

Retail: $29.95
Only $24.95

6x10" (48kHz) Goldmaster DD Search Coil item: 960-80113206

Only $149.95

8x14" (50 kHz) Goldmaster Search Coil (GMT) item: 960-8013204

Retail: $249.99
Only $224.99

4x6" Goldmaster DD Search Coil (GMT / GM Series) item: 960-8013218

Retail: $149.95
Only $126.95
3/8 Loop Hardware (New Kit)

3/8 Loop Hardware (New Kit) item: 960-802509611

Retail: $3.95
Only $1.95
Arm Rest Assembly

Arm Rest Assembly item: 960-8025209A

Retail: $22.95
Only $18.95
12V NiCad Battery

12V NiCad Battery item: 960-8025211

Retail: $59.95
Only $49.95
Penlight 8AA Battery Holder

Penlight 8AA Battery Holder item: 960-8027150

Retail: $12.95
Only $9.95
Rechargeable Battery System

Rechargeable Battery System item: 960-5090023

Retail: $74.95
Only $67.95

GMT DVD item: 960-60111931

Retail: $19.95
Only $9.95

10" DD Open Coil Cover (V3i / VX3 / DFX / MXT / M6) item: 960-50141362

Retail: $14.95
Only $13.95

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