Kellyco PVC Dot Gloves (2 Pairs)

Total Value: $9.95
Only: $3.95
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Kellyco PVC Dot Gloves (2 Pairs)


Product Description

From Kellyco Outdoors comes the Pro Glove Series. Great protection from toxic plants such as poison Ivy and poison Oak. Gloves are highly recommended by serious detectorists when digging or pushing through plants and grass. Takes up hardly any space in your carry bag or backpack. Once you use them you will always use them while detecting. On a recent TV clip, one man, a self-described diamond miner of NYC was shown using these gloves or a similar type in the heart of the downtown diamond district when hunting for diamonds, rubies and gold dropped on the sidewalks. They have to be good to stand up to that kind of harsh use.

Some dealers sell similar type gloves (in other colors) for $9.95 - Our price is TWO PAIRS FOR ONLY $3.95! Why 2 pairs? As soon as one pair gets dirty or sticky throw it in the wash or just run it under a hose or in the sink and use the second pair. Change them as often as needed. One Size Fits All.

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