Blisstool Metal Detector LTC64X V3 Combo

Key Features (read more...)

  • 11" DD and 15" DD Search Coils
  • Total Weight - 3.9 lbs. (1.77 kgs.)
  • Frequency - 8 kHz
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
Total Value: $1,837.80
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Blisstool Metal Detector LTC64X V3 Combo

Comes with Standard 28cm (11") DD search coil and 38cm (15") DD search coil with Extra Stem

Product Description

Many experienced metal detector users call the Blisstool LTC64X "One of the best and deepest metal detectors available anywhere in the world". In Europe where Blisstool is made, almost everyone with a metal detector is searching for ancient treasures including gold and silver coins, gold relics and metal artifacts as far back as the 12th century and earlier. These types of treasures are usually found at depths below where most detectors search for coins and jewelry.

The LTC64X searches from the top of the ground finding all valuables not only in those first 6 to 10 inches but continues to go down deep enough to search out and find lost, buried and hidden valuables including gold and silver coins, Gold jewelry, caches of coins and gold, and old valuable collectable artifacts. Using the Blistool in America opens up a new world of adventure and excitement when you own an LTC64X and start recovering treasures others have missed. Blisstool LTC64X is a ultra modern Metal Detector that can be used by experienced operators as well as beginners!

Product Features

  • 11" DD and 15" DD Search Coils
  • Total Weight - 3.9 lbs. (1.77 kgs.)
  • Frequency - 8 kHz
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Operating mode: Motion
  • LED low battery indicator
  • Audio discrimination of metals
  • Adjustable depth of discrimination
  • Adjustable operating frequency (+-60Hz)
  • Detachable and adjustable control housing
  • Manual and Automatic ground balance mode
  • Adjustable audio threshold and volume control
  • Base Technologies:
    • Induction Balance (IB)
    • Very Low Frequency (VLF)
    • SuperB Depth = Super BLISSTOOL Depth (SBD)
  • Single charge operating time: up to 30 working hours
  • Coarse and fine settings in manual ground balance mode
  • Discriminator with three independent modes of discrimination
  • Electronics fully shielded against electromagnetic interference
  • Adjustable frequency of the sound and silencer of the background sound
  • Adjustable detection/rejection level of iron, tin-foil and low-grade non-ferrous metals (usually pollutants)
  • Designed to work on all types of terrains even in highly mineralized terrains, terrains with a high content of ore, terrains dotted with ceramics and metal trash

Factory Included

  • Lower Connecting Rod for 15" Coil
  • Connecting Coil Hardware
  • Bolt - Nut - Washers
Free Accessories Value: $309.80
Kit: n1159-ltc64xc
Eagle Headphones for Metal Detectors
Cat# 145-428

Fly with Eagle Headphones and get the "True Sounds of Treasures".

Designed tested and approved for ALL Top-Of-The-Line metal detectors. Adjustable Flex-type padded comfort headband. Left side - right side well padded adjustable slide ear cups with individual volume controls plus stereo - mono selector switch.

Mylar speakers to enhance weak signals produced by deep targets. Thin wire receptors captures signals. especially sensitive to coins, rings and jewelry. Adjusts well to any size or shape head. Comfortable when detecting. Plus, coiled phone cable guarantees trouble-free detecting.

Value: $119.95
Deluxe Extra Long Padded Carry Bag with Logo
Cat# 495-bagbxl

Kellyco’s New Padded Deluxe Carry Bag

LONGER than the average detector carry bag (53x18") allowing you to carry your detector without breaking it apart. STRONGER Super Tough water resistant cordura nylon with double rolled stitching throughout. WIDER, to carry many of the larger size detector coils available. Has a convenient 10x8" outside pocket for accessories, diggers or extra search coil. Full length easy- pull rust resistant zipper for easy-in and out plus double carrying straps. This RUGGED, padded carry bag with the world famous Kellyco "K" man will give you extra protection when carried in car or truck or while storing your detector at home.

Value: $89.95
Cat# 1487-r17mc

Style and Color may vary

Daypack made smaller than a large backpack typically used to carry lots of equipment from your car into the area you want to search, but it can really weigh you down if you carry it while metal detecting! If you dont want to carry a big bulky, heavy backpack and need something lightweight that can carry all of your essentials for detecting HANDS FREE, this 11 x 15.5 x 5 inches. Lightweight Backpack features fully zippered enclosure with lots of room and is exactly what you need. Daypack has 2 adjustable shoulder straps, plus a 5 x 9 inch exterior pocket with zipper closer for your cell phones, GPS, wallet, etc...

Value: $34.95
Razor Edge Gator Digger w/ Sheath
Cat# 64-2540

Our third generation Razor Edge Gator Digger is now even better! Computer designed bias-cut tipped blade with 18 large cutting teeth. These 18 massive razor edge cutting teeth cut through roots, hard clay, composite soils that can stop other diggers in their tracks! Stronger carbon steel blade welded through the handle. Durable International orange colored handle with no-slip blade guard and internal endcap grip protector. Blade is 7.50" long x 2" wide. Overall length is 12.3". For a limited time, includes very strong Dura-Pro II cordura carrying sheath with belt loop. With the Gator Digger’s double-edged cutting teeth, it can be used by right or left-handed people. All Razor Edge Gator Diggers come with a Lifetime Warranty!

Value: $69.95
*Kellyco reserves the right to substitute any free items in accessory packs/kits/options when items are no longer in stock.