Bounty Hunter Junior

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Bounty Hunter Junior

with 6.5" Search Coil

Product Description

Looking for a great low cost metal detector to introduce your child to the hobby of metal detecting? This rugged, easy to use unit from Bounty Hunter is the right choice. This tried and true metal detector is easy to use and folds down to a child sized length. While many low priced detectors are easy to use, most do not fold down to accomodate a child. This is a great detector and an inexpensive way to introduce your child to the hobby.

What is more fun for a kid than discovering buried treasure? The Bounty Hunter Junior includes a search pole that extends to 27", perfect for young children. This model is rugged and includes an external speaker. There is no headphone jack on this model as a headphone is not required. The design features proportional audio. The speaker volume varies with target depth. The discrimination control will eliminate iron and most unwanted items. A low battery indicator will alert you when the power is running low. The unit is lightweight and features an ergonomic design for easy handling. You will be able to detect coin-sized objects that are up to 5" deep. The sensitivity control can be adjusted for maximum detection depth. The search coil is 6.5" in diameter and features an open design that is weather resistant.

Need help before you buy? Call us! (1-888-535-5926) We don’t just sell metal detectors we use them on a daily basis and are called upon by many major manufacturers to FIELD TEST new detectors as they are being designed.

A Lifetime of Support for You and Your Metal Detector. In addition to your factory warranty, Kellyco’s team of Certified Factory Trained Metal Detector Experts are available to answer all your questions and give you practical and technical support for as long as you own this metal detector. Our modern, well equipped Metal Detector Maintenance and Repair Department does warranty and out-of-warranty repairs as well as customizing land and water metal detectors and devices.

Kellyco’s Price Match Guarantee assures each customer that You ALWAYS Get the Very Best Price on all your purchases. It’s GUARANTEED!

Free Accessories Value: $62.40
Kit: N622-BHTT
2 Pocket Coin Pouch / Apron with Thin Pocket for Probes
Cat# 64-4435

A treasure hunters favorite coin pouch for almost 25 years. Our most popular and most requested coin pouch. New stronger material! Jet black with green KELLYCO logo, this 3 pocket heavy duty nylon coin and treasure pouch provides a secure place for coins and tools. Extra long ties to fit over most any sized waist.

Also fits over coats for those cold, winter months. WILL NOT ROT! 18" wide x 8" in height, 2 large pockets 8x6" each can hold a large amount of finds. Center (thin pocket) provided for a Coin Probe (not included). Has a reinforced grommet in place to hold-clip on KELLYCO In-The-Field Towel (not included).

Value: $9.95
3.5" Embroidered Logo Patch
Cat# 1-KP35

Kellyco (sew-on) "K" man Patch.

Kellyco’s famous "K" man in a circle is known world-wide as THE symbol of metal detecting and treasure hunting. It is proudly worn on ball caps, vests, shirts, and outer wear by members of the Kellyco Test Team and staff members at outdoor shows, treasure hunts and other events. It is also worn on the vest of a star on a TV show featuring metal detecting. Most recently, the "K" man was seen on the History Channels Series, "The Curse of Oak Island" on clothing and ball caps worn by members of Kellyco’s Treasure Recovery Team who were invited by the Island owners to assist in their search for The Treasure of Oak Island.

Now available to Kellyco customers, this high quality Custom Embroidered Patch is well made with strong bright colors to give you years of wear. Now available in 3 or 3.5 inch size. 3" recommended for ball caps and shoulder patch. 3.5" for shirts, shoulder patch, jacket, hunting vest, detector and accessory bags, etc. FREE shipping via US Postal.

Value: $7.00
Finding Treasure State by State Guide
Cat# 1-tg

An outstanding series of regional State by State guides. Previously researched treasure sites including stories of hidden and buried loot from train robberies, bank robberies, as well as hidden caches of money, jewels, guns and other valuables. Many locations were sourced from various records, newspaper articles, police records and of course tales told from one person to another. A great way to get into detecting that can payoff in big finds.

This Free Regional CD Guide is included with certain metal detector purchases. Your Free State by State Regional Guide will include your state plus additional bonus states at no additional charge. Free State by State Regional Guide is an easy to use compact disc format, compatible with MACs and PCs.

Value: $39.95
Trial Subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine
Cat# 1-TSLT

The world’s number one selling Treasure Publication. Lost Treasure magazine is packed with helpful "How-To" articles and Treasure stories that can help you become a better Treasure Hunter. Learn all about new equipment and read the latest product reviews and Field Test Reports. Lost Treasures Publishers postage FREE card with details will be enclosed.

Value: $5.50

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