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Detect like the Pros

Diggers (Nat Geo) -
Diggers cast members "King George" and "The Ringmaster" use the Garrett AT Pro and Garrett AT Gold Metal Detectors, as well as the Garrett Pro Pinpointer.

Duck Commander (A&E) -
Uncle Si & Phili Robertson from Duck Commander use their trusty Treasure Commander metal detectors

Curse of Oak Island (History Channel) -
Curse of Oak Island on History Channel featured a Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector, and the Lorenz Deepmax X6 metal detector system in hopes to discovering the clues behind the mystery of Oak Island!

Gold Rush Alaska (Discovery) -
Gold Rush Alaska has showcased popular Garrett products such as the AT Gold metal detector and Garrett Gold Panning Kits on the show when looking for BIG gold nuggets.

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Treasure Commander Si Robertson TC1X
w/ 10" Search Coil and RealTree Xtra Camo
Retail $400.00
NOW ONLY $ 299 .00
Total Package Savings: 45%
Treasure Commander Si Robertson TC2X
w/ 10" Search Coil, GPS Technology (GEO-X ), and RealTree Xtra Camo‌. is a Premium Pack wih
Retail $500.00
WAS $379.00
Total Package Savings: 63%
Treasure Commander Phil Robertson TC3X
w/ 11" DD Coil, Touch Screen, Precision Search Technology (PST), GPS Technology (GEO-X )‌,
Retail $600.00
ONLY $499.00
Sold Out
Total Package Savings: 47%
Nat Geo
Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector
w/ 8.5x11" PROformance DD Search Coil
Retail $699.95
NOW ONLY $ 594 .95
Total Package Savings: 48%
American Flag
USA Shipping Only Please
On Nat-
Geo &
Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector
w/ 5x8" DD Search Coil
Retail $799.95
NOW ONLY $ 679 .95
Total Package Savings: 49%
American Flag
USA Shipping Only Please
Lorenz Deepmax Z1 Metal Detector System
w/ 14" (35cm) DD Coil & 40"x40" (1x1M) Frame Coil
Retail $10,999.00
NOW ONLY $ 6,999 .95
Total Package Savings: 36%
Minelab Safari Metal Detector
w/ 11" DD Search Coil
Retail $1,295.00
NOW ONLY $ 999 .00
Total Package Savings: 41%
Retail $3,250.00
NOW ONLY $ 2,499 .00
Total Package Savings: 31%
Minelab GPX 5000 Metal Detector
w/ 11" DD Coil, 11" Mono Coil Search Coils
Retail $6,995.00
NOW ONLY $ 5,795 .00
Total Package Savings: 22%
Aquascan Aquapulse AQ1B with 10" Submersible Coil
Select from 2 different headphones: (Submersible Bone Phone or Submersible Full-Size Phones)
Retail $2,039.00
NOW ONLY $ 1,850 .00
Total Package Savings: 16%
Retail $49.95
NOW ONLY $ 42 .46
Total Package Savings: 15%
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USA Shipping Only Please
Gold Cube 4 Stack Gold Cube
Process thousands of pounds of material and reduce it to ounces in minutes not days
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