Fisher TW-82 Digital Line Tracer

Key Features (read more...)

  • Total Weight - 15.5lbs. (7.03 kgs.)
  • Frequency- 82 kHz
  • Weatherproof
  • Impact Resistant
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Fisher TW-82 Digital Line Tracer Metal Detector


Product Description

The Fisher TW-82 is an easy-to-use single frequency pipe and cable locator. Its ultra-fast target response ensures fast accurate tracing, while eliminating unnecessary user controls. TW-82 transmitter’s conductive trace load current display indicates your connection quality quickly and clearly. The locator uses automatic load impendence matching to adjust output for full-rated power over a variety of utility types and ground conditions.

View continuous readouts on the Fisher TW-82’s large LCD screen, including utility direction, orientation relative to the line, target depth, signal current and battery condition. The locator is weatherproof and impact-resistant, and features sealed, thick-wall, injection-molded construction.

Setting a new standard of performance in high frequency line tracing! The TW82 is an active locating line tracer. There are three locating methods that an operator can use to trace a utility.

  1. The conductive method is the preferred method, as a strong signal is transmitted directly through the intended target.

  2. The inductive method is the easiest method to use, but may not yield the best results. When a direct connection is not available, but the operator has some knowledge of where one point of the utility may be, the operator can place the Transmitter on the ground over the utility.

  3. The third method of active locating involves using the coupling clamp; the coupling clamp is an optional accessory. The coupling clamp is only to be used on electrical or communication lines that are in service, not pipes or tracer wires. The coupling clamp is used when the utility is exposed, but a direct connection is not available. The clamp jaws are opened and placed around the utility. The clamp does not make a direct connection to the utility.
  • Output Frequency
    • 82.175 kHz
  • Output Power (nominal)
    • Normal Setting = 0.25 watt
    • High Setting = 1.0 wall
  • Conductive Tracing Magnetic Strength
    • 2 to 3,000 ohms normal power-6dB
    • 2 to 8,000 ohms high power-6dB
  • Inductive Tracing Magnetic Strength
    • 15 Vm2, normal power
    • 25 Vm2, high power
  • Battery Type
    • Four D-cell batteries (included)
  • Battery Life
    • 160 hours in normal power mode
  • Weight, with batteries
    • 3.73lbs.
  • Output Frequency
    • 82.175 kHz
  • Left/Right Guidance
    • Audible and visual
  • Azimuth Indicator
    • Audible and visual
  • Over-Target Indicator
    • Visual
  • Battery Status
    • Visual
  • Signal Strength Indicator
    • Numeric display & audible
  • Signal Current Measurement
    • Numeric display, automatic
  • Depth Measurement
    • Numeric display, automatic
  • Battery Type
    • Two D-cell batteries (included)
  • Battery Life
    • 40 hours
  • Weight, with batteries
    • 3.60lbs.
  • Weight: 10 lbs. (unit in carrying case)
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Product Features

  • Total Weight - 15.5lbs. (7.03 kgs.)
  • Frequency- 82 kHz
  • Weatherproof
  • Impact Resistant
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Ultra Fast Response
  • Powerful Inductive Transmitter
  • Full Time Continuous Readouts
  • One Button Receiver Operation
  • Accurate, Repeatable Readings
  • IP65 Compliant (stands up to water jets)
Fisher TW-82 Digital Line Tracer Accessories

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