Fisher TW-8800 Multi-Frequency Digital Line Tracer

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  • Total Weight - 7.8 lbs. (3.5 kgs.)
  • Multi-Frequency Operation
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Weather Resistant Design
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Fisher TW-8800 Multi-Frequency Digital Line Tracer


Product Description

The state-of-the-art TW-8800 utilizes advanced digital signal processing for precision locating performance yet is extremely easy to use. Three active frequencies provided by the transmitter, and two passive modes for tracing without the transmitter, are provided. The lightweight multi-frequency receiver is simple to use. The display is a large and easy to read LCD that gives the user all the necessary information to do the job. A digital keypad allows the user to select the desired operating mode, set the volume level, check the battery level, or activate an LCD backlight.

Depth measurement is done at the push of a button. The transmitter allows the user to locate in either a conductive or inductive mode. A meter and two switches make transmitter set up simple and quick. In the Fisher tradition, the TW-8800 is affordable, tough, and simple to use while providing maximum performance. A two year limited warranty comes standard with the unit.

  • Output Frequencies: 82kHz, 8.2kHz, 820Hz
  • Output Power (nominal): 82kHz: .7Watts, 8.2kHz: 7.0Watts, 820Hz: 7.0Watts
  • Battery Test: Yes
  • Battery Type: Two 6 Volt lantern batteries
  • Battery Life: 80 Hours at 82kHz
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs.
  • Depth Accuracy: +1 inch per foot in nominal conditions
  • Readout Units: Inches or cm (factory preset)
  • Left/Right Guidance: VCO (varying pitch) output for easy over target location
  • Audio: Continuous tone = Left, pulsed tone = Right
  • Visual: Left/Right/Over Target messages
  • Signal Strength: Digital Numeric Readout (0-99%) & Bar Graph
  • Sensitivity Adjust: Automatic
  • LCD Backlight: Included
  • Battery Test: Automatic Low Battery alert - Push button readout
  • Battery Type: Six "C" cells
  • Battery Life: 80 Hours
  • Weight: 6.0 lbs.
  • Operating Temp: -4° to +140°F
    (-200° to +600°C)

2 Year Warranty: Fisher warrants the TW-8800 to be free of defects in materials and workmanship when it is shipped from the factory. The terms of this warranty are fully explained in a warranty registration card that accompanies the instrument. Complete factory and field service facilities support the warranty. *Please call 1-888-KELLYCO for warranty information outside the United States.

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Product Features

  • Total Weight - 7.8 lbs. (3.5 kgs.)
  • Multi-Frequency Operation
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Weather Resistant Design
  • Large easy to read LCD display
  • Push button depth measurement
  • Audio and visual left/right guidance
  • Automatic gain control for maximum sensitivity
  • Hard or soft carrying case standard equipment
  • Passive locating modes (power & radio frequencies)
  • Advanced digital signal processing for accurate locating
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