Fisher XLT-17 Liquid Leak Detector

Key Features (read more...)

  • Total Weight - 10 lbs. (4.5 kgs.)
  • Frequency - 60 Hz to 6 kHz
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Last Setting Memory Feature
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Fisher XLT-17 Liquid Leak Detector

w/ Hard Carrying Case & Much More

Product Description

Fisher’s XLT-17 is a liquid leak detector that finds leaks in four easy steps: by electronically amplifying leak sounds, selectively filtering out noise, isolating the leak sound, and leading the operator to the source of the leak. The XLT-17 leak detector is built to perform and priced to compete. The XLT-17 comes standard with Fisher’s Multi-Sensor which has superior leak detection capabilities. The Multi-Sensor is in an extremely compact design with improved sensor electronics and better sensitivity to leaks.

  • Operating Frequency:
    • 60 Hz - 6 kHz, Gain = 60db
    • 20 Hz - 60 kHz, Gain > 55 db
  • Filter Types and Frequency Ranges:
    • All Pass: 60 Hz - 6 kHz
    • Low Pass: Adjustable cut-off frequency from 150 Hz - 2.4 kHz
    • High Pass: Adjustable pass band frequency from 150 Hz - 2.4 kHz
    • Band Pass: Adjustable center frequency from 150 Hz - 2.4 kHz
  • Output Indications:
    • Audio: High performance headphones (54ohms)
    • Visual: LCD Bargraph and 2-digit numeric display
  • General:
    • Grade of Protection: Splash Proof
    • Battery Test: Automatic, real time battery level indicator
    • Battery Quantity/Type: Two, 9 Volt Alkaline
    • Battery Life: 50 Hours (approximate)
    • Carrying Case Dimensions: 21x6x14"
    • Weight: 10 lbs. (unit in carrying case)

2 Year Warranty: Fisher warrants the XLT-17 to be free of defects in materials and workmanship when it is shipped from the factory. The terms of this warranty are fully explained in a warranty registration card that accompanies the instrument. Complete factory and field service facilities support the warranty. *Please call 1-888-KELLYCO for warranty information outside the United States.

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Product Features

  • Total Weight - 10 lbs. (4.5 kgs.)
  • Frequency - 60 Hz to 6 kHz
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Last Setting Memory Feature
  • Operates on two 9 volt batteries
  • Detects and pinpoints liquid leaks in pipes
  • Tactile keypad & digital display for easy use
  • Improved headset for clearer sound response
  • Automatic battery test - real time voltage level
  • Shielded sensor for reduced response to outside noise
  • Heavy duty carrying case protects the XLT-17 from damage
  • 3 Frequency Filters: Low pass, High pass, and Frequency select
  • Compact control box that can be worn on the belt, around the neck, or over the shoulder with an attachable strap

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