Nokta 5.2x4.7" Search Coil Cover (FORS)

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Nokta 5.2x4.7" Search Coil Cover (FORS)


Product Description

The Nokta 5.2x4.7" search coil cover easily snaps onto the bottom of search coil to protect your expensive coil. Gives added protection against cuts, slits, and excessive wear. No Need to Remove. Absorbs shocks and moist grass static. Keeps Coil Clean and Scratch Free. Made in USA from a form fitting high-impact plastic. Very highly recommended. No tools required. DOES NOT REDUCE DETECTION DEPTH!

Nokta 5.2x4.7" Search Coil Cover (FORS) Compatible
FORS GOLD Standard Package

FORS GOLD Standard Package item: 1448-FORS

Retail: $0.00
Only $999.00
FORS GOLD Pro Package

FORS GOLD Pro Package item: 1448-FORSP

Retail: $0.00
Only $1399.00

FORS CoRe item: 1448-FORSCR

Retail: $0.00
Only $999.00
FORS CoRe Pro Pack

FORS CoRe Pro Pack item: 1448-FORSCRPRO

Retail: $0.00
Only $1399.00

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