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Kellyco Camel Desert Fox with Varspeed Auto

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Kellyco Camel Desert Fox with Varspeed Auto


Product Description

Fill the tank with 3 gallons of water... Hook the clips to your 12-volt battery... Turn on the switch... The wheel starts to rotate and water sprays from the spray bar... Add a scoop of sand every 20 seconds... The gold settles to the bottom and the seven spiral leads pick it up and elevate it to the center hub where it passes through the hallow shaft into a gold catch cup! It is as simple as that and so user-friendly that you will be an expert panner ten minutes after you have used the Desert Fox for the first time! DESERT FOX 1-YEAR WARRANTY against defects in materials and workmanship includes round trip shipping to the factory for the first 90 days. Warranty is backed by a 32 year old company.

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