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Teknetics Delta 4000 2 Coils

Key Features (read more...)

  • 8" and 10" DD Search Coils
  • Total Weight - 6.5 lbs. (2.95 kgs.)
  • Frequency - 7.8 kHz
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
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Teknetics Delta 4000 2 Coils

(Option 1) with 8" Coil and 10" DD Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Accessories. (Option 2) is a Premium Pack with upgraded accessories, including one electronic Pin Pointer.

Product Description

The Delta 4000 10" DD Metal Detector is the latest from the world famous Teknetics metal detector brand. The Delta 4000 10" has innovative detecting features housed in the most modern of detector designs! Includes an intuitive menu system, running depth indicator and push button controls, so even the novice detectorist can hunt like a professional!

The Teknetics Delta 4000 10" DD Detector has advanced features like discrimination by categories, adjustable sensitivity and a two-digit numerical target identification system! With an easy to read identification meter, you can see the objects before you begin to dig! The Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector comes with both an 8” Coil and 10” DD Search coil for maximum search depth. The Delta 4000 10" DD Detector is ideal for coin shooting, relic hunting and gold prospecting! Runs up to 25 hours on single 9-volt battery!

Product Features

  • 8" and 10" DD Search Coils
  • Total Weight - 6.5 lbs. (2.95 kgs.)
  • Frequency - 7.8 kHz
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • 2 Search Modes
    • Discrimination Mode
    • All Metals Motion Mode
  • Number of Tones: 3
  • Tone Discrimination
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Intuitive Menu System
  • Preset Ground Balance
  • Overload Alarm System
  • Running Depth Indicator
  • Numerical Depth Readout
  • Discrimination by Categories
  • Push-Button Control Interface
  • Fully Static Push-Button Pinpoint
  • Two-Digit Numerical Target ID System
  • Single Notches Selectable by Categories
Free Accessories
Kit: na622-delta10dd
All-Weather Logo Detector Carry Bag
Cat# 64-44185l

All Weather Metal Detector Carry-Bag, Extra Long

EXTRA LONG 18x52" All Weather Lightweight nylon for land and water detectors. This bag will carry all the popular detector models in one piece including S rod and SL types fully assembled. One end is rounded to handle search coils to 12" A full length rust resistant smooth slide zipper gives you full entry to the bag. Carry bag is large enough for your accessories, extra coils, and digging tools, plus a large 8x10" outside pocket and two reinforced nylon carrying handles.
The perfect bag to transport your equipment or safely store at home. Nylon is breathable and when wet
will not rot like other material. The world famous Kellyco "K" man logo on your nylon carry bag gives you
assurance of rugged long lasting protection for your metal detector.

Value: $79.95
Audio 200 Headphones
Cat# 145-200

Your Metal Detector Signals Never Sounded So Good!

Designed, tested and approved for ALL top level metal detectors. Adjustable headband with left and right side ear cups with individual volume controls along with stereo and mono switch. Mylar ear cups enhance weak signals produced by deep targets. Thin wire receptors captures signals. Coiled phone cable gives you trouble-free detecting.

Value: $89.95
Lockback Folding Knife
Cat# 1487-SK7473

This is a rough and tough folding knife designed for superior performance for treasure hunters. The 2" stainless steel blade has a section that is serrated (like sharp teeth) for cutting through roots and other obstacles in the way of your recovery of treasures. The strong forward point of the blade is perfect for many uses both in the field and at home. Easy to grip Leymar handle is thin and lightweight for carrying in your pocket or, use the stainless steel belt clip which fits most wide belts. Easy to open even with one hand 6" overall. A perfect tool for detector users. Has a great Limited Lifetime Warranty printed on the package with instructions on use.

Value: $24.95
New Successful Coin Hunting Book
Cat# 1-672473

New Successful Coin Hunting Book Limited Special Edition - This has to be America’s most popular and informative book on detecting coins, rings, jewelry and other treasures.

For nearly 40 years, Charles Garrett has continued to update this best selling book on how to be a successful coin and treasure hunter no matter what metal detector you are using.

Now a special limited edition book, the second 16th printing, updated for the 21st century is dedicated to Kellyco Metal Detectors with a personal message from Charles Garrett.

This edition is updated with many outstanding color pictures and black & white photos and illustrations. Every chapter has the right amount of information for you to be a better and more successful detectorist. There are 22 Chapters, including Where to Hunt- In the city, in the country, on the beaches, etc. Coin Hunter Traits, Coins & Things, Digging Coins, and so much more including tips from readers, detectors and search coils, all in a information packed 250 pages. Long considered the one "MUST HAVE" book for any detector user.

Value: $19.95
FiberComp 2 in 1 Combo Digger/Sifter
Cat# 1490-7978h

2 in 1 is NOT a replacement for the many steel and metal digging tools available. It is a composite tool made from nylon and fiberglass and is virtually unbreakable. It was constructed to work in sand and very loose soils, (think of the beach or sand under playground equipment). When you get a signal and are NOT carrying a digger, the 2 in 1 digger can dig up sand or soil, shake it so loose soils/sand drop through the holes leaving coins and rings behind. Use it on land or in the water, 2 in 1 floats! Never rusts, hooks easily to your belt using a regular old shower curtain ring. Note, If you are a gold hunter look at the black, Non-metallic Polymer Digger (on Scoops accessory page) that can help you separate very small raw gold or gold jewelry.

Value: $12.95
Pro Orange Dot Gloves One Sided
Cat# 64-gl600

Our best-selling gloves. Raised pvc dots (dimples) on palm and fingers for a non-slip grip making it easy to grasp digging tools and to pick up coins and rings. Good protection from toxic plants, poison Ivy & poison oak. Can reduce cuts from sharp objects. Gloves are recommended by serious detectorists when digging or pushing through plants and grass. Some consider gloves a "must have". Made from a cotton and poly combo in a larger size than the Pro or PVC Glove, top has elastic to hold it more firmly on your wrist. One size fits all! Gloves take up very little space in your detector carry bag or accessory bag and give you another layer of protection. International Orange color makes gloves easy to find if you drop or misplace them while detecting.

Some dealers sell similar type gloves (in other colors) for $39.95 - Our price is ONLY $3.99!

Value: $19.95
String Back Pack
Cat# 1249-11050g

Have Fun! – Be Part of Kellyco Fans World-Wide! – Win Monthly Prizes!

String Pack, the latest craze for hands free metal detecting and treasure hunting. Perfect size, 11x18" with 2 adjustable double strings for use as a back pack and tool pouch or use with string(s) over one shoulder. Top opening is full size for easy in-easy out for anything you may put in your pack. Uses are endless, carry rain gear, change of clothing, sun screen, hats, extra sun glasses, gloves, digging tools, snacks, extra water, search coils, extra batteries, etc.

On Kellyco’s website under Useful Information, click on Where in the World is Kellyco? link. Read how you can have fun and win prizes.

Value: $12.95
3.5" Embroidered Logo Patch
Cat# 1-KP35

Kellyco (sew-on) "K" man Patch.

Kellyco’s famous "K" man in a circle is known world-wide as THE symbol of metal detecting and treasure hunting. It is proudly worn on ball caps, vests, shirts, and outer wear by members of the Kellyco Test Team and staff members at outdoor shows, treasure hunts and other events. It is also worn on the vest of a star on a TV show featuring metal detecting. Most recently, the "K" man was seen on the History Channels Series, "The Curse of Oak Island" on clothing and ball caps worn by members of Kellyco’s Treasure Recovery Team who were invited by the Island owners to assist in their search for The Treasure of Oak Island.

Now available to Kellyco customers, this high quality Custom Embroidered Patch is well made with strong bright colors to give you years of wear. Now available in 3 or 3.5 inch size. 3" recommended for ball caps and shoulder patch. 3.5" for shirts, shoulder patch, jacket, hunting vest, detector and accessory bags, etc. FREE shipping via US Postal.

Value: $7.00
2 Pocket Coin Pouch/Apron w/ Thin Pocket for Probes
Cat# 64-4435

A treasure hunters favorite coin pouch for almost 25 years. Our most popular and most requested coin pouch. New stronger material! Jet black with green KELLYCO logo, this 3 pocket heavy duty nylon coin and treasure pouch provides a secure place for coins and tools. Extra long ties to fit over most any sized waist.

Also fits over coats for those cold, winter months. WILL NOT ROT! 18" wide x 8" in height, 2 large pockets 8x6" each can hold a large amount of finds. Center (thin pocket) provided for a Coin Probe (not included). Has a reinforced grommet in place to hold-clip on KELLYCO In-The-Field Towel (not included).

Value: $9.95
Metal Detectors Decal
Cat# 1-Decal2

Proud to be a metal detectorist? Now’s your chance to show your support for our favorite activity, metal detecting and treasure hunting. Kellyco’s world famous "K" man with a metal detector in a 3.5" round decal that is sure to stand out on the bumper of your car, truck and camper. It’s totally weatherproof if you want to apply it to the outside windows or any metal part of a vehicle. It is "self sticking". No glue or adhesive needed, no tools required. Simply peel decal from paper and apply. Only $5.00 includes shipping.

Value: $5.00
Collectors Edition Treasure Hunting Magazine
Cat# 1-mag

Back Issue. Could be Collectors Issue.

Metal Detecting hobby magazine filled with stories, articles, "How-To" new treasure sites and more.

Value: $5.50
Trial Subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine
Cat# 1-TSLT

The world’s number one selling Treasure Publication. Lost Treasure magazine is packed with helpful "How-To" articles and Treasure stories that can help you become a better Treasure Hunter. Learn all about new equipment and read the latest product reviews and Field Test Reports. Lost Treasures Publishers postage FREE card with details will be enclosed.

Value: $5.50