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Bounty Hunter Pioneer 501

Key Features (read more...)

  • 8" Search Coil
  • Total Weight - 2.8 lbs. (1.27 kgs.)
  • Frequency - 6.8 kHz
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
Total Value: $455.20
Only: $199.95
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Bounty Hunter Pioneer 501

(Option 1) with 8" Search Coil Plus Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories. ‌ (Option 2) is a Premium Pack with upgraded accessories.

Product Description

The Pioneer 501 is the introduction metal detector of this series and like its big brothers, the Pioneer 503 and Pioneer 505 Professional, it is built to last. Find coins and rings that are hidden beneath the surface with ease - this detector was made to be easy, fun and accurate!

With many standard metal detectors, you spend time adjusting controls to get the best performance and, if the settings aren’t right, you will definitely get bad results. The Pioneer 501 solves all this. Its automatic features let you just turn it on and immediately start hunting. And with the Pioneer 501, you get features few other detector offers - at a price that may surprise you.

Product Features

  • 8" Search Coil
  • Total Weight - 2.8 lbs. (1.27 kgs.)
  • Frequency - 6.8 kHz
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Three Modes of operation:
    • Notch
    • Discrimination
    • Motion All-Metals
  • Three-Tone Target Identification
  • Full Discrimination and Notching Capability
  • Detect large objects up to 5 feet deep. Coins up to 11" deep
  • Automatic Ground Balance sees through solid rock, dirt, mud, sand, cement and water
  • Automatically scans the soil in the Motion Modes and continuously adjusts to changing soil conditions
  • 4 Level Progressive Iron Discrimination tunes out small ferrous items while still detecting valuable iron relics and collectibles
Free Accessories
Kit: na622-501
Pro-Deluxe Lightweight Hi-Fi Headphones
Cat# 503-351135

Padded ear cups. Adjustable headband fits all head sizes. Lightweight and comfortable to wear. This well-made phone with excellent speakers offers powerful sound. Works with any detector, outfitted with a standard 1/8" - 1/4" jack. Single sided cord. Replaces those big, bulky, sweaty, heavy, uncomfortable headphones. Kellyco has included these headphones in many of our free accessory packages for over five years. Manufacturer has eliminated metal frames and metal "cups" replacing the band and cups with a strong light housing to further reduce weight. Pro-D phones have proven to be an excellent product that works very well with metal detectors.

Value: $49.95
Automax Precision V4 Pinpointer
Cat# 64-5010

This easy-to-use pinpointer saves you time as it locates the hard to find treasures. With an extra long and super sensitive 8.5 inch High Performance (HP) probe coil, you can clip this pinpointer to your belt and go! To use simply turn it on, scan, and pinpoint your target! Features include: Audio alert, visual flashing light, super vibrating handle and an adjustable knob for fine tuning.

Automax V4: Even Better than you Claim.
My order arrived a few days ago, and I wanted you to know the Automax Pinpointer is even better than you guys claim. I don’t know how I got along without it. I have saved so much time by not digging as much as before. I find coins very quickly now, and the smaller targets that I might have left behind due to frustration are now in my collection of coins and rings. Thanks for a great detecting tool.

Value: $140.00
Sawtooth Gator Digger 1500
Cat# 64-5593

Sawtooth Gator Digger with 42 Gator Cutting Teeth
This is the ORIGINAL Gator Series digger that we have sold for over 15 years. It is NOT a cheap copy that others try to sell under different animal names. Kellycos Gator digger has a total of 42 Gator teeth (21 on each side of the blade) to more easily cut into the ground. Stamped on the inside of the blade is the authentic Gator Logo.

The Sawtooth Gators 1500 series Hardened steel blade is extremely strong. Coated blade is 7.5" long x 3" wide, with twin cutting tip and Gator Teeth on both sides of blade, handle is 4.5" long. The international orange nonslip handle makes this digger easy to find if lost.
Gator Digger comes with a limited lifetime replacement warranty against breakage.

Value: $49.95
14 Piece Tool Set
Cat# 1487-MTPLIER

Absolutely a "must have" tool as part of your treasure hunting equipment. It does so many things to make detecting easier and more fun. Nothing worse than needing a small screwdriver to tighten your detector case, or needle nose pliers to reach that V clip that slipped
down your detector shaft or a wire cutter/stripper to repair your headphone cable.

So many ways to use this single piece Tool Set. Comes with a small blade, large blade, serrated blade, needle nose pliers, regular pliers, bottle opener, wire cutters, small wire stripper, large wire stripper, file, small screwdriver, large screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, heavy duty pliers handle and pry bar, with a heavy duty Nylon sheath. Made with Surgical Stainless Steel! Limited Lifetime Warranty printed on the package-with instructions on use

Value: $29.95
Trial Subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine
Cat# 1-TSLT

The world’s number one selling Treasure Publication. Lost Treasure magazine is packed with helpful "How-To" articles and Treasure stories that can help you become a better Treasure Hunter. Learn all about new equipment and read the latest product reviews and Field Test Reports. Lost Treasures Publishers postage FREE card with details will be enclosed.

Value: $5.50
Finding Treasure State by State Guide
Cat# 1-tg

An outstanding series of regional State by State guides. Previously researched treasure sites including stories of hidden and buried loot from train robberies, bank robberies, as well as hidden caches of money, jewels, guns and other valuables. Many locations were sourced from various records, newspaper articles, police records and of course tales told from one person to another. A great way to get into detecting that can payoff in big finds.

This Free Regional CD Guide is included with certain metal detector purchases. Your Free State by State Regional Guide will include your state plus additional bonus states at no additional charge. Free State by State Regional Guide is an easy to use compact disc format, compatible with MACs and PCs.

Value: $39.95
Lockback Folding Knife
Cat# 1487-sk7473

This is a rough and tough folding knife designed for superior performance for treasure hunters. The 2" stainless steel blade has a section that is serrated (like sharp teeth) for cutting through roots and other obstacles in the way of your recovery of treasures. The strong forward point of the blade is perfect for many uses both in the field and at home. Easy to grip Leymar handle is thin and lightweight for carrying in your pocket or, use the stainless steel belt clip which fits most wide belts. Easy to open even with one hand 6" overall. A perfect tool for detector users. Has a great Limited Lifetime Warranty printed on the package with instructions on use.

Value: $24.95
Non-Metallic Composite Digger
Cat# 1490-7978

Unbreakable - Robust Non-Metallic Polymer Digger with Extra wide and deep blade helps you save time as well as energy recovering your finds. Equal to other unbreakable diggers that sell for $14.95 or more. Use on land or in water. Extra strong blade measures 5 3/4" in
length, and is 3" wide. Digger is virtually unbreakable.

Value: $7.95
2 Pocket Coin Pouch/Apron w/ Thin Pocket for Probes
Cat# 64-4435

A treasure hunters favorite coin pouch for almost 25 years. Our most popular and most requested coin pouch. New stronger material! Jet black with green KELLYCO logo, this 3 pocket heavy duty nylon coin and treasure pouch provides a secure place for coins and tools. Extra long ties to fit over most any sized waist.

Also fits over coats for those cold, winter months. WILL NOT ROT! 18" wide x 8" in height, 2 large pockets 8x6" each can hold a large amount of finds. Center (thin pocket) provided for a Coin Probe (not included). Has a reinforced grommet in place to hold-clip on KELLYCO In-The-Field Towel (not included).

Value: $9.95
3.5" Embroidered Logo Patch
Cat# 1-KP35

Kellyco (sew-on) "K" man Patch.

Kellyco’s famous "K" man in a circle is known world-wide as THE symbol of metal detecting and treasure hunting. It is proudly worn on ball caps, vests, shirts, and outer wear by members of the Kellyco Test Team and staff members at outdoor shows, treasure hunts and other events. It is also worn on the vest of a star on a TV show featuring metal detecting. Most recently, the "K" man was seen on the History Channels Series, "The Curse of Oak Island" on clothing and ball caps worn by members of Kellyco’s Treasure Recovery Team who were invited by the Island owners to assist in their search for The Treasure of Oak Island.

Now available to Kellyco customers, this high quality Custom Embroidered Patch is well made with strong bright colors to give you years of wear. Now available in 3 or 3.5 inch size. 3" recommended for ball caps and shoulder patch. 3.5" for shirts, shoulder patch, jacket, hunting vest, detector and accessory bags, etc. FREE shipping via US Postal.

Value: $7.00
Trial Subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine
Cat# 1-tslt

The world’s number one selling Treasure Publication. Lost Treasure magazine is packed with helpful "How-To" articles and Treasure stories that can help you become a better Treasure Hunter. Learn all about new equipment and read the latest product reviews and Field Test Reports. Lost Treasures Publishers postage FREE card with details will be enclosed.

Value: $5.50
Deluxe Mini Pro Headphones w/ 1/4" Adapter
Cat# 64-509mhp

A nice lightweight phone designed, tested and approved for metal detectors. Recommended for a starter set or as an alternate to larger full-ear-cup phones that can be uncomfortable in hot weather. High-output speakers enhance weak target signals produced by deep targets. Has an adjustable stainless steel headband. Ear cups tilt and have a nice soft light foam cover to cushion your ear. These Deluxe Mini Pro headphones include an extra-long 47" cord with a heavy-duty 1/8" jack for durability. Also included is a 1/4" removable adapter so it can be used on almost all detectors.

Value: $9.95

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