White's Coinmaster GT

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  • 9" Waterproof Spider Search Coil
  • Total Weight
  • Frequency
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
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White's Coinmaster GT

with 9" Waterproof Spider Search Coil

Product Description

Coinmaster GT metal detector, the very best in a series of "smart" worry-free metal detectors that excels in finding real treasures, not trash. Coinmaster GT from White’s Electronics, America’s oldest manufacturer of quality metal detectors is designed to find coins including gold and silver coins, gold and diamond rings, jewelry and other valuables while filtering out nails, foil, pull tabs, etc. Combining Discrimination features, with advanced electronics, takes the guesswork out of metal detecting, making the Coinmaster GT fun and easy to use. Have real adventures detecting in parks, campgrounds, old home sites, anywhere people have been. Catch some sun on your favorite beaches and even go metal detecting in shallow water! Coinmaster GT is like having three (3) powerful detectors in your hand at the same time. Large Display meter gives you exact target information. And, with Automatic Ground Tracking you never have to manually adjust your detector wherever you use it. Coinmaster GT is highly recommended for beginners, experienced detectorists and active seniors.

Product Features

  • 9" Waterproof Spider Search Coil
  • Total Weight: 2.5 lbs. (1.13 kgs.)
  • Frequency: 8.192 kHz
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Water resistant Control Box
  • Adjustable Arm Rest Cuff
  • VCO Audio and All Metal Audio Array.
  • Low battery (indicator) warning
  • Automatic Ground Balance:
    • Self adjusts to different soils while you are detecting and "on the move".
  • Adjustable Notch Discrimination:
    • Allows you to tune out junk and trash while finding valuable targets.
  • Smart Notch Discrimination:
    • Be selective, tune out nails, foil, pull tabs, etc.
  • Five Range Discrimination:
    • Large visual indication. Know what’s in the ground before you dig!
  • Pinpoint selection:
    • Zero in on your find for quick target recovery.
  • All Metals Selection:
    • Goes deep for targets including relics and artifacts.
  • Sensitivity Adjustment :
    • For signal depth control.
  • Beach Mode:
    • For beach and shallow water searching
  • Large Meter:
    • Shows depth reading in a easy to read format. Knows the depth of your find.
  • Backlit Display:
    • Read meter information easier.
  • Depth Reading Feature:
    • Knows the depth of your find
  • Discrimination Audio:
Free Accessories
Kit: n960-8000339
25 Best Kept Secrets
Cat# 960-6000212

A NEW Book by White’s Metal Detectors to help you know where to go for information, what to do, where to search and all the various opportunities to use your metal detector to get the maximum amount of coins, rings and treasures. Among the 25 secrets are "The Best Place to Start?", "Why Sidewalks Can Be A Money Maker", "Use Your Local Library For A Glimpse Into The Past", "Why Keep A Log Of Your Finds", plus many more secrets to finding treasures.

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Dreams Come True
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A collection of stories from White’s customers. Very interesting stories from many people using many different models of White’s metal detectors. Their stories plus fabulous color pictures of their finds. See gold coins, military relics, rings, jewelry, etc. Be amazed at what a metal detector can find! You too can be one of these many people whose dreams Have Come True.

Value: $5.00
Collectors Edition Treasure Hunting Magazine
Cat# 1-mag

Back Issue. Could be Collectors Issue.

Metal Detecting hobby magazine filled with stories, articles, "How-To" new treasure sites and more.

Value: $5.50
White's Coinmaster GT Accessories

9.5" PZ Search Coil (Coinmaster / Prizm / Classic) item: 960-8013222

Retail: $149.95
Only $126.95

4x6" Mini DD Search Coil (Coinmaster / Prizm) item: 960-8013237

Retail: $149.95
Only $113.77
Coinmaster GT Rechargeable Battery

Coinmaster GT Rechargeable Battery item: 960-8025288BUR

Retail: $59.95
Only $59.95
Coinmaster GT 8AA Battery Holder

Coinmaster GT 8AA Battery Holder item: 960-80252783

Retail: $19.95
Only $19.95

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