Nautilus VLF DMC II Metal Detector

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  • 6" Search Coil
  • Total Weight - 4.5 lbs. (2 kgs.)
  • Frequency - 14 kHz
  • Controls
Total Value: $1,158.40
Only: $825.00
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Nautilus VLF DMC II Metal Detector

with S-Handle and 10" Search coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories

Product Description

Nautilus metal detectors are handcrafted and made with very high quality parts. The electronics used in the metal detectors are designed for high quality to provide long lasting reliable use. Whether is be a Civil War campsite, a Revolutionary War fort, an 18th century cellar hole or an early picnic grove. Nautilus DMC series metal detectors continue to give unmatched performance.

The DMC II is a dual mode detector for use in highly mineralized soil where maximum performance is required in all-metal and discrimination modes. Features 2 modes: Ground Reject Discriminate mode and VLF Ground Balance. Discrimination, ground balance, discrimination sensitivity control, ground balance sensitivity control, turning control

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“To find buried treasure of course! (haha) I enjoy the hobby of finding stuff that you really don't know what it is and then having the chance that you might find something really worth a lot. But mostly the priceless time you spend with family and friends relic/treasure hunting!"
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Product Features

  • 6" Search Coil
  • Total Weight - 4.5 lbs. (2 kgs.)
  • Frequency - 14 kHz
  • Controls:
    • Discrimination Sensitivity
    • Discrimination 8 to 1 Vernier Dial
    • Ground Balance 8 to 1 Vernier Dial
    • Ground Balance Sensitivity and Tuning
  • 3 Search modes:
    • Non-Motion Discrimination
    • Non-Motion Ground Balance
    • Ground Reject Discriminate (motion)
  • Power Output: Fixed
  • Switches: on/off, Mode, Auto-Tune, and P.B. Tune
  • Power Pack: Four (4) 9 volt Transistor Batteries, Optional: Rechargeable Battery System
  • Physical Configurations: Telescopic Handle in "S" or "U" choice, Grey Enclosure, Padded Headphones
  • Search Heads: 8" Standard, Optional: 6", 10" & 15". Heads are Field interchangeable on same models
  • Audio: Ground reject Discrimination = 950 HZ, Non-Motion Discriminate and Non-Motion Ground Balance = 240 HZ
Free Accessories Value: $58.40
Kit: n39-6010
Finding Treasure State by State Guide
Cat# 1-TG

An outstanding series of regional State by State guides. Previously researched treasure sites including stories of hidden and buried loot from train robberies, bank robberies, as well as hidden caches of money, jewels, guns and other valuables. Many locations were sourced from various records, newspaper articles, police records and of course tales told from one person to another. A great way to get into detecting that can payoff in big finds.

This Free Regional CD Guide is included with certain metal detector purchases. Your Free State by State Regional Guide will include your state plus additional bonus states at no additional charge. Free State by State Regional Guide is an easy to use compact disc format, compatible with MACs and PCs.

Value: $39.95
FiberComp 2 in 1 Combo Digger & Sifter
Cat# 1490-7978h

2 in 1 is NOT a replacement for the many steel and metal digging tools available. It is a composite tool made from nylon and fiberglass and is virtually unbreakable. It was constructed to work in sand and very loose soils, (think of the beach or sand under playground equipment). When you get a signal and are NOT carrying a digger, the 2 in 1 digger can dig up sand or soil, shake it so loose soils/sand drop through the holes leaving coins and rings behind. Use it on land or in the water, 2 in 1 floats! Never rusts, hooks easily to your belt using a regular old shower curtain ring. Note, If you are a gold hunter look at the black, Non-metallic Polymer Digger (on Scoops accessory page) that can help you separate very small raw gold or gold jewelry.

Value: $12.95
Trial Subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine
Cat# 1-TSLT

The world’s number one selling Treasure Publication. Lost Treasure magazine is packed with helpful "How-To" articles and Treasure stories that can help you become a better Treasure Hunter. Learn all about new equipment and read the latest product reviews and Field Test Reports. Lost Treasures Publishers postage FREE card with details will be enclosed.

Value: $5.50
*Kellyco reserves the right to substitute any free items in accessory packs/kits/options when items are no longer in stock.

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