Nokta RS Pinpointer Kit by Kellyco Metal Detectors

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  • Auto Tuning
  • Weight - 5.3oz
  • Deluxe Belt Clip Case
  • Battery - 9v (Included)
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Nokta RS Pinpointer Kit by Kellyco Metal Detectors

with Nokta's RS Pinpointer and Slide on Belt Sheath, Razor Edge Gator Digger with Treasure Sheath and FREE Gound Shipping

Product Description

Exclusive Digging Kit with Razor Edge Digger, Sheath, Slide on Belt Sheath and FREE Ground Shipping Nokta RS Pinpointer will detect targets right on the spot. Hand-held detectors have proven to be extremely effective in locating coins and rings in piles of dirt and sand dug by detector users. When a coin has been in the ground for years, the oxidation often turns the coin’s color the same as that of the surrounding dirt, making it very difficult to see. If you are spending more time checking the dirt from the hole and continuously checking the hole you are losing very valuable detecting time. Instead of detecting more treasure, you’re spending more time locating a target that could be found very quickly with a hand-held detector.

What’s Included:
  • Instruction Manual
  • Nokta RS Pinpointer
  • Pinpointer Belt Sheath
  • Razor Edge Digger w/ Sheath - From Kellyco
  • *FREE Ground Shipping Continental U.S Only

Product Features

  • Auto Tuning
  • Weight - 5.3oz
  • Deluxe Belt Clip Case
  • Battery - 9v (Included)
  • Pinpoint Tip Detection
  • Battery Life - 40 hours
  • 360 Side Scan Detection
  • Waterproof Pinpointing Tip
  • New Audio & Vibration Alert
  • Rubber Coated On/Off Button
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) - 9.2 x 1.9x 1.1 inch
  • LED Flashlight Automatically Lights Up Dark Areas
Nokta RS Pinpointer

Auto Tuning:
Provides maximum sensitivity with no adjustment necessary. Just turn it on and it is ready for use.

RS Pinpointer

LED flashlight:
Lights up automatically in the dark. You can also activate the LED flashlight by covering the light sensor on the device.

360 Degree Detection Tip:
Allows you to easily locate metals in a hole. It also enables you to quickly scan a larger area by holding the RS Pinpointer on its side, flat against any surface and find your target.

Waterproof Pinpointing Tip:
Allows you to use the RS Pinpointer in shallow water when necessary.

Belt Clip Case
Attach it to your belt or waistband and securely carry the RS Pinpointer when you are not using it.

Choose Between Audio or Vibration alert:
With one sliding switch, you can choose the device to produce an audio or vibration alert when metal is detected. The rate of the pulsing audio or vibrations will increase based on target’s proximity helping you to easily locate it.

Multi-purpose Use:
You can use the RS Pinpointer not only metal detecting for hidden cash and valuables between walls but also to locate metal pipes, nails and studs inside walls.

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