White's Heavy Duty 2200mAh Nimh Battery

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White's Heavy Duty 2200mAh Nimh Battery


Product Description

Heavy Duty Replacement / Substitution for standard 802-5281 NiMH (1800 mAh) Rechargeable Battery and/or 802-5211-1 Nicad Battery. Must be recharge only with 960-5090037 NiMH Charger and 960-8025285 NiMH Charging Stand (V3i Standard equipment charging system). Provides 2200 mAh capacity for a 20% increase in use time prior to recharge over standard 802-5281. Can be used with White’s M6, MXT, XLT, DFX, VX3, V3i, and Slim Line TDI (SL) models.

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