Keene Cyclone Wet or Dry Gold Pan & Mining Kit

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Keene Cyclone Wet or Dry Gold Pan & Mining Kit


Product Description

This is the most advanced panning system that works for both wet and dry material. This Cyclone package provides the ultimate Gold Pan and Dry Pan. The best classifying screen system, all in the most compact storage system every built. This is also a ideal package from beginners to professionals and perfect for remote areas. The cyclone sieve is equipped with snap in screen that allows you to carry just one very high quality sieve with a variety of sieves for every application. The dual handles make this the ideal sieve for easy transportation and robust agitation during classifying. The sieve also equipped with speed notches that allow the sieves to be rotated on top of a bucket with lower friction and longer life.

The kit comes with 3 sieves (2 mesh, 4 mesh & 12 mesh). The Cyclone Pan is equipped with a blower tip that attaches to the foot pump making it a dry-washing pan, allowing to work in dry regions with ease. The foot pump with the air nozzle turns this package into a ideal sampling tool for sniping dry areas. The 14" cyclone pan also provides the ultimate in panning with the 5 large deep riffles for fast effective panning. The pan is also equipped with a vial attachment that drops the gold directly into the bottle flawlessly. The Cyclone pan and sieve lock together in place, making an ideal storage area for all your smaller prospecting gear and additional screens. The pan locks solidly together with a male/female notch with locking clips.

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