RNB Innovations ML2900 Rechargeable Battery System

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  • 12.5 Volts
  • 1 year warranty
  • Weight - 10.47oz
  • Charge - Less than 2 hours
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RNB Innovations ML2900 Rechargeable Battery System


Product Description

Save While Supplies Last! The RNB-ML2900 12.5 volt 2900 MAH Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery System made for FBS Series Metal Detectors. Now you can Save a Ton on Battery Cost. Never buy an Alkaline Battery again. We are the World’s First Li-Ion Battery Pack for these Great Minelab Machines. It is compatible with the following detectors: E-Trac, Explorer SE Pro, Explorer SE, Explorer II, Quattro MP, Explorer XS, Explorer S and Safari.

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Product Features

  • 12.5 Volts
  • 1 year warranty
  • Weight - 10.47oz
  • Charge - Less than 2 hours

The Smart Charger will not overcharge or undercharge your HP-2900 battery pack! It will fully charge in less then 2 hours and the Smart Charger green LED will show you when it’s done.
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Field Test - RB Innovations new Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery ML-2900 !!!

As per agreement with Guvner and RNB Innovations, I obtained a new RNB Innovations Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery for my Minelab Explorer (they work in the E-Trac and Safari as well).

I got it just in time to try out on my week long road trip last week. I must say I was quite impressed with how long it held a charge! I put it through some rigorous testing.... I charged it for 2 hours before the beginning of my trip, and came home 1 week later with nearly 30 hours hunt time on it and it still shows about 3/4 charge on my meter.

I did not go easy on it either!hat kill battery life of a lesser battery. I left my detector in the back of my truck during a few nights when the overnight temp dipped well into the low to mid 30’s and it came to life with a full charge each time I started hunting in the morning. NMh rechargeables would always seemed to lose their charge partially when they got real cold.

It sure was nice not having to carry a couple extra battery packs with me each time I was out hunting - especially on the beach when I walked 3-4 miles away from my truck. Car charger works great, and the coax plug is larger in size to prevent accidental charging with a NMh charger which isn’t recommended./

All thumbs up for this great battery!!! Take care and HH,

Mike M.

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