RNB Innovations LI-ION HP3100 12V Rechargeable Battery System

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  • AC Power Cord
  • Super Fast Charger
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • AC Smart Charger with Plug
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RNB Innovations LI-ION HP3100 12V Rechargeable Battery System


Product Description

Hunt For Days Not Hours. Get the longest Battery Run Time! With LI-ION 12V you get 25+ Hours of Detecting Time. Longer runtime! All-New RNB LI-ION HP3100 12V Smart Battery Recharge System! Super Fast Smart charger will completely charge your battery in less then 2 hours. Smart charger technology tells you when the HP3100 battery is completely charged, just wait till the LED on the smart charger goes from red to green, and its that simple! Un-plug the Smart battery and put it in your detector and your ready to hunt! DETECT ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

Compatible White’s Metal Detectors: All Spectra Series, (V3i - VX3), DFX, DFX 300, MXT, MXT PRO, M6, GMT, GMZ, TDI SL, ULA / Sierra Madre, Classic 4, Classic 5ID and XLT.

Product Features

  • AC Power Cord
  • Super Fast Charger
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • AC Smart Charger with Plug
  • Longer Run Time! (25+ Hours)

The Smart Charger will not overcharge or undercharge your HP-3100 battery pack! It will fully charge in less then 2 hours and the Smart Charger green LED will show you when it’s done.
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Hunt All Day long with the more demanding Metal Detectors and when using a larger deeper coil! It is a proven fact that your metal detector will go its deepest with a high powered battery! The HP-3100 Lithium Ion battery will hold its charge for months at a time and can be charged at any time without worrying about cycling or getting a memory like most factory rechargeable batteries do. Even with its high capacity it only weighs 11.48 ounces compared to the factory battery weigh of 17.64 ounces. Easy to remove with just two fingers and its cool red color make it easy to find.

Ten reasons why this is one of the best rechargeable battery systems made.

  1. Super high capacity Lithium Ion 3100 battery exclusively designed and engineered for Whites Metal Detectors
  2. State-of-the-Art Smart charger Technology that optimizes the batteries performance.
  3. Holds its charge for months
  4. Smart charger will automatically shut-off at end of charge
  5. Super battery will never get a built-in memory and will give you full capacity throughout the life of the battery
  6. Get two and even up to three times the run time of regular nickel cadmium batteries
  7. Only recharge system to offer an optional Smart Automobile charger with charge indication LED
  8. Lightest weight Super High capacity battery offered for Whites detectors
  9. Easy two fingers pull to remove battery
  10. Full One year factory warranty
RB Innovations

Charge Your Metal Detector Faster - Use Your Metal Detector Longer!!

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