Kellyco FiberCombo Scoop/Digger

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Kellyco FiberCombo Scoop/Digger


Product Description

Use for Land and Beach:

The FiberCombo Non-Metallic Scoop/Digger is perfect for digging in loose soil or common beach sand. FiberCombo is rigid and strong do to its nylon and fiberglass construction. One piece construction means no loose handles and no bending at the neck when digging. This is the only small nylon and fiberglass scoop/digger that can dig and hold more soil or sand with each scoop. Helps locate coins, rings and jewelry easily by passing full scoop loads of sand or dirt over your detector search coil. When detector signals a find your treasure is in the scoop.

Water Use:

When going into water there is an orange slot on top of hand grip to attach a cord so digger will not float away. Fiber Scoop is virtually unbreakable!

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