Kellyco Ghost Town Treasures by Charles Garrett

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  • 156 Pages
  • How to Research Ghost Towns
  • Tips to Help You Find More Treasures
  • How to Select and Use a Metal Detector
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Kellyco Ghost Town Treasures by Charles Garrett


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The truth about Ghost Town Hunting, the what, the where, and most importantly, how to find many different treasures waiting to be found. This book is a “must have” for anyone with a metal detector seeking fun and adventure. Get this book and put yourself back into history when these Ghost Towns were thriving communities. Charles Garrett provides plenty of references on how to do it right! Great book for both the beginner and experienced detectorist.

"Ghost Town Treasure" will show you how to find valuable old coins of silver and gold that spilled from pockets during brawling times when fights were common. Find those gold coins that fell underneath the sidewalks in front of old banks and buildings that were gambling halls and saloons. Find the caches that were buried by hermit miners, bank robbers and miserly ordinary folks. No special equipment needed other than your own metal detector. Time for you to go Ghost Town Hunting.

Product Features

  • 156 Pages
  • How to Research Ghost Towns
  • Tips to Help You Find More Treasures
  • How to Select and Use a Metal Detector
  • Introduction: What Ghost Towning is all about
Searching for America’s Past is the subject of this book ... along with learning how you can even profit financially from such a search. Ghost Town Treasures defines what ghost towns are and tells how to locate them through systematic research. What do you look for specifically after you find a ghost town? The book cites examples and points out what to expect in various locations. Knowing what to look for is vital to any exploration effort. As veteran treasure hunter Charles Garrett says, "How do you know you’ve found it if you don’t know what you’re looking for!"

Finally, the book describes precisely how to search ghost towns, abandoned buildings and other deserted locations to learn their secrets and to discover those buried or hidden items of value always left behind wherever people have lived, worked or played. The use of metal detectors is emphasized, but other types of searching are not overlooked.

If you want to find more treasure with your metal detector... if you are interested in America’s past ... Ghost Town Treasures is the book for you.

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