Aquascan Headphones for Land Use Only (AQ1B)

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Aquascan Headphones for Land Use Only (AQ1B)


Product Description

Choose the Standard Land only headphones if you are not planning on diving or submerging your head and mostly will only be using the Aqua Pulse on the land or Beach and very shallow water hunting. Rugged headphones for use above water enabling the AQ1B to be utilised as a powerful land detector. The headphones feature an adjustable volume control and a comfortable fit for the operator.

Aquascan Headphones for Land Use Only (AQ1B) Compatible
Aquapulse AQ1B with 8

Aquapulse AQ1B with 8" Submersible Coil item: n1323-aq18kbk

Retail: $1999.00
Only $1760.00

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