Cache Pro PinPointer CP-250

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  • VLF detection with 2 signal Indicators. ...
  • Ground piercing coin probe.
  • Stainless steel probe assembly.
  • Sensitivity control knob for finite ad...
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Cache Pro PinPointer CP-250

A professional PinPointer that allows the treasure hunter to pinpoint targets WITHOUT FIRST DIGGING A HOLE! You’re reading it right, find your target, then check to see if it’s worth digging or is it iron? Many small iron pieces read as being good, and time is wasted digging them up. Iron targets are never a problem for the CP-250. Cache Probe has a discrimination circuit that will clearly indicate when the probe has touched iron or a valuable target.. Thin 7/23” diameter stainless steel bullet nose with a tiny search coil slips into the ground. Speaker frequency increases as it approaches the coin.. It can even work in shallow water as the 8 inch steel probe shaft and tip are waterproof up to the case!
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  • VLF detection with 2 signal Indicators. Manual adjustment
  • Ground piercing coin probe.
  • Stainless steel probe assembly.
  • Sensitivity control knob for finite adjustment of detection range to achieve maximum reach.
  • Audio sounder target indicator with either "Silent until approach" or "Continuous Sound" for smoother approach.
  • Super-Bright green LED as a visual target indicator in nosing areas or for night time searching.
  • LED also serves as Battery status.
  • Sturdy foam grip handle
  • Single 9 volt battery operation
  • Rejects most ferrous objects
  • Black Hammertone finish
  • Weights less than 7 ounces(210 grams)with battery

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