Target Max & Pro II Locators

Following items are included with each Pro II, Target Max Series:
Deluxe Custom ABS Carry Case with Foam inserts. — Pro II Target Max transmitter.
Pro Series Locating Rods with Rubber grips. — 2-coiled cables for attaching to transmitter. -
Ground Probe power booster. — two-9-volt battery. — Instructions. — 1 year warranty.

Digital Target Max Plus

Designed to overcome many of the problems often associated with long range locators, the T-Max Plus uses a digital oscillator that guarantees better accuracy and more treasure! If you've been looking for the ultimate long range locator - look no further!

The T-Max Plus was created to accurately locate treasure EVERY time you use it! With a digital oscillator the T-Max Plus overcomes problems often associated with long range locators to deliver results! It boasts an accuracy of 0.01% over the operating temperature range of the T-Max Plus, which can be anywhere from 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that the T-Max Plus is easily a thousand times more accurate than an RC based locator.

Perhaps most impressive is the programmable oscillator within the T-Max Plus. This allows you to surpass every RC locator ever made by modifying pre-set frequencies to tune-out false targets, tune-in desired targets, or use frequencies that may not be preset, in 1hz increments.

The T-Max Plus also features two modes to search in: "Transmitting" and "Programming." With large push buttons you can navigate through each mode to specifically program it to your needs

Any changes you make can be easily referenced on the LCD display that features a menu-based interface and four push-buttons. You can also monitor battery status, the frequency you're searching in, and the mode that the T-Max Plus is in.

Digital Target
Max Plus

List $4,595.00
SALE $2,995.00

Features of the Digital Target Max Pro:

Pre-programmed transmitting frequencies:
  • Gold, freq. 5000*
  • Silver, freq. 8000*
  • Iron freq. 17000*
  • Nickel freq. 9000*
  • Diamond freq. 12500*
  • Tin freq. 3000*
  • Copper freq. 2000*
  • Gold2 freq. 3100*
*All frequencies can be custom programmed
Programming and Transmitting modes:
  • Power on/off switch
  • 4 program buttons for left/right and up/down
  • Charging jack
  • Large LCD Display
  • Built-in rechargeable 6 volt battery
  • Battery voltage display on meter
  • 2-input jacks for receiving /transmitting rods
Included in package:
  • ABS plastic carrying case with protective foam inserts
  • Deluxe field carry pouch with straps
  • Digital Target Max control unit
  • 2-grip assembles
  • 2- L-transceiver rods
  • 2-transceiver rod cord set
  • 120volt wall charger
  • 12 volt auto charger
  • Instruction book

Pro II Target Max

Engineers and industry treasure hunting specialists met this past year to develop a new treasure locating machine to provide the maximum depth penetration, distance to target locating ability, and sensitivity to various metals. The team representatives had studied field tests of the various long range locators on the market. The group's objective was to develop a machine reasonably priced that could out-perform other treasure locating units. This revolutionary unit is actually two locators in one portable package. They are used in combination, first to seek a long range target, then as you close in to identify the  location to dig. Plus, the unit can be hip-mounted. In the long range mode, the Target Max is also a directional locator with a ground electrode transmitter to determine direction to the target. The two systems are used in combination to locate gold, silver, iron (strong boxes) or diamonds.

 Features: Lightweight, clips to your belt for easy use - Versatile- use in the long range mode with the power booster electrode in the ground (most preferred), then switch to the locator mode and fasten to your belt in bushy or rough terrain, for portability and target location. - 4 Select frequencies (Gold, silver, iron, and diamonds) - Sensitivity dial for determining size of the target - Distance- in the long range mode up to  3 miles - Depth to100 feet - Locates targets that are in iron boxes - Nugget hunters will find it easy to use  with the two modes. - Ideal for dwelling searches, interior or exterior

Comes with Free Deluxe Custom Carrying Case
List $1995.00
SALE $1299.00

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Pro II Gold Cross

The Gold Cross detects gold up to 300 yards away and up to 70 feet deep. By simply flicking a switch, you can choose between gold or silver hunting ( new gold & silver model only). This medium range locator operates by locating the resonance wave length of gold or silver targets. As you approach the gold, the tuned rods will point towards the target. When you're directly over the gold, the rods will fully cross one another. Perfect pinpointing, that's why it's called the Gold Cross! The Gold Cross only points towards gold (no nails, iron, or other trash). The Gold Cross also has the unique ability to determine the size of the object by use of the adjustable sensitivity knob, a feature lacking on similar long range locators. 

Key Features: Discrimination of Iron, Etc. - Determines Size of Target - Has Sensitivity Adjust - Lightweight & Compact Accurately Locates: Gold & Silver Coins, Rings, Jewelry, Dredging Pay Streaks, Nuggets, Treasure The Gold Cross is a valuable tool for nugget shooting, prospecting, high banking, or dredging." - Bob Fitzgerald

My first trip into the field was to the mother lode country of Northern California. Remember, the Gold Cross is a real time saver for finding "Hot Spots". A little common sense goes a long way. While testing, we put out several markers for probable targets. I had no trouble finding small nuggets (1/4 pennyweight at 50 to 100 yards). But, one must remember here that this unit goes deep (70+ feet on large veins). My point is if we get a cross that is a probable nugget and there is 6 feet of overburden, it is probably not something to pursue. On the other hand, it doesn't hurt to wave your detector over it. I was able to locate a small beach (in a hydraulic area) where a couple of small nuggets were found. I was told later that this was indeed a "Hot Area". I was able to locate this from 100 yards away. Also, the instrumentation is very effective for locating "hot spots": sweep one rod unit until you get a lock and mark this spot. Move to a second location 50 to 75 feet away and repeat. You should be able to triangulate where the two  points meet. This is a probable target.

As you can see, we have a very valuable tool for nugget shooting, prospecting, high banking, or dredging. Keep in mind- use common sense in locating targets, and Practice, practice. Good luck. - Bob Fitzgerald Product Review   (Excerpts)  by Bob Fitzgerald.

Original Gold Cross
(Gold Only)
List $1295.00
Comes with FREE Deluxe Custom
Carrying Case
& Free State Treasure Guide 
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New Gold Cross
(Gold & Silver)
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