Factory Refurbished / Scratch n' Dent / Close-Out Metal Detectors

Detectors listed below are EXCEPTIONAL BARGAINS and each detector comes complete as factory shipped. If any additional items are included they will be listed with the metal detector. Most Discount metal detectors are limited to only one or two of each model. *All refurbished, scratch n' dent and close-out metal detectors require a shipping fee.


Factory Refurbished Metal Detectors

What are Factory Refurbished Metal Detectors?
Most were returns from dealers and customers having them for a short time and then returning them directly to the factory for minor problems like loose wire or knob replacement etc. Factories not only corrected the minor complaint or problem, but completely inspects all electronics and refurbishes the entire detector to make sure that the detector operates as well or better than new. Refurbished detectors are Discounted at exceptional savings.

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Garrett Infinium LS
(Picture As New)
[14-1152070R] Garrett Infinium LS
Condition:Garrett Factory Refurbished detectors include a new Factory Warranty and will show signs of use with some scratches and light to medium marks.
Description/Features: The Infinium LS (Land & Sea) is a new direction for Garrett and treasure hunters all over the world. Considered the "go anywhere, do anything" detector, it was designed to find nuggets, coins, caches, and relics virtually anywhere in the world even at diving depths of up to 200 feet! Choose from four different control housing configurations. Hip mount or under the cuff is recommended, but above or below the stem are also options. Either way, the lightweight power of the Infinium LS will find more treasure than many other detectors on the market. And now, with four optional search coils to choose from, you can personalize your Infinium LS to the way you like to hunt.
Includes: As Factory Shipped
Warranty: Factory Warranty Included.
Retail Price $1,250.00
Refurbished Price $937.77 Buy Now Button
Viper Trident
(Picture As New)
[64-5560R] Viper Trident w/ 10" Search Coil:
Condition: Refurbished
Description/Features: Designed for the beginner or experienced treasure hunter who wants a super sensitive metal detector that can be used anywhere, on land, beach, water and even diving to depths to 132 feet. Some exclusive features of the Viper include automatic pre-set tuning and ground balance, (Use it anywhere). With the added power of the Viper's full-range discriminator, you can easily search the oldest swimming areas, beaches, parks, etc. that have large amounts of buried trash that slow down or stop other treasure hunters. Viper will not let you down. It ignore the trash and drives a signal that gets the deeper more valuable coins, rings and other treasures.
Includes: As Factory Shipped including waterproof headphones.
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
List Price New $999.95
Refurbished Price $279.77 Buy Now Button
Scratch n' Dent Metal Detectors
"Damaged Carton Sale" First Come - First Served

Kellyco currently has two master cartons of brand new, Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 and MP3 Pro metal detectors that received damage to the outer carton during transit. The outer cartons have tears and wrinkles.

Each discount detector has been inspected and is guaranteed to be in brand new, working condition. Rather than returning these detectors to the factory, we have been authorized to sell these Pioneer 505's at a reduced sale price.

Limited time offer: First come - First served! We only have a few of these discounted detectors available. Save HUNDREDS off of the retail price and get a brand new metal detector with a 5 year factory warranty, all thanks to slight damage on the outside shipping carton!

Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 with 8" Search Coil
Condition: Perfect!
Description/Features: The Pioneer 505 is the professional's choice. Discover lost treasures! Search ghost towns, caves, parks, schoolyards, campsites... Even your own backyard! Precision target pinpointing with all metals mode. Deepest detection capability. Digital depth and target display. Continuous, variable target discrimination, and 5 modes of operation! A lot of detector for the money! Click Here for More Information
Includes: As Factory Shipped
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
Retail Price New: $449.95
Scratch n' Dent Price:
ONLY $199.99
Bounty Hunter 505
Just Arrived at our Loading Dock:
One pallet load containing 35 Brand New MPX Metal Detectors that had been poorly handled causing the metal detectors to be scratched and/or 'rubbed'. All are in PERFECT OPERATING ORDER with COMPLETE 5 YEAR WARRANTIES. List Price $699.95 - Yours as factory shipped just $239.77
(Only 35 available) First come-First served.
MPX with 10" Search Coil
Condition: Almost perfect. Very few scratches on coil or decals.
Description/Features: Click Here for More Information
Includes: As Factory Shipped
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
Retail Price New: $699.95
Scratch n' Dent Price:
ONLY $239.77
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