Top Used Metal Detectors
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Pre-Owned - Refurbished - Close-Outs

Like New, Slightly Used

Preowned and Demos
Demo Detectors
Pre-Owned Detectors
Used Detectors
These demos are new detectors that were demonstrated to our visitors in our showroom or in our "test field".
Our pre-owned selection of detectors are trade-ins that have been thoroughly inspected and field tested by our factory certified metal detector experts.

X-Parts Detectors
Handyman Specials
These X-Parts detectors are an outstanding opportunity for a handy man or woman to own current, like-new, non-working metal detectors that were returned to our warehouse. These are huge savings up to 85% to 95% off the suggested retail price!
Refurb and Scratch
Factory Refurbished Detectors
Scratch n' Dent Detectors
Close-Out Detectors
Most refurbished detectors were returns. Factories corrected minor issues, and completely refurbished the detector.
Our scratch n' dent selection comes from inventory that arrives in damaged containers. Brand new with full warranty!
Close-out detectors are models that factories decide to replace.

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