X-Parts / Handyman Special Metal Detectors

Outstanding opportunity for a handy man or woman to own some current like new non-working metal detectors that were returned to our warehouse. Huge Savings up to 85% to 95% off the suggested Retail price! We just do not have the time to go through and test these detectors. Some have been used one time and returned still looking like new. Others have some cosmetic scratches but little to no wear marks.

Why are we making this offer? We simply do not have the time or manpower to go through the process to test these detectors. Most are returned under our 30 day money back guarantee without any letter even mentioning if they had a problem. Others are returned by customers deciding they wanted a different model, etc.

Many of these Detectors can be repaired with a simple adjustment, re-solder or just checking the inside for a loose wire or pc board. We send you two identical Models in their original shipping container. If you’re handy or know someone that can help you to swap parts and make one perfect working Metal Detector you’re way ahead money-wise The last time we offered these non-working detectors we quickly sold-out and many of our customers told us in some cases they were able to repair both units.

These metal detector models are part of our current inventory and are pictured and detailed on our website. So, if you’re really looking for a great bargain, this is it! If you have the time to troubleshoot, trade parts or perhaps make simple repairs this offer is for you. We have a limited amount of detectors to sell.
**All X-Part metal detectors require a shipping fee. These X-Part Handyman Special Metal Detectors are non-working and All Sales are Final with no Refunds or Returns allowed.**

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