Showroom Sale -
New Demonstrator Used Metal Detectors

Discount detectors listed below are exceptional bargains and each detector comes complete as factory shipped. If any additional items are included they will be listed with the metal detector. Most metal detectors are limited to only one or two of each model.

Many times throughout the year we take demonstrator detectors off the showroom walls and replace them with other models. All are brand new-Factory Perfect detectors that are demonstrated to our many interested visitors, mostly in our showroom or in our "test field" located in front of our building entrance. Some special detectors may even have been a field test unit that in most cases will look brand new!

Many look "Brand New" while others may have a scratch or two on the shaft or other minor marks where the coil has been attached to the shaft. As demo units, each is in perfect operating condition backed by a new detector-full factory warranty.

There are usually from 1 to 3 detectors of each model in the showroom, allowing for multiple demonstrations. If you want additional savings on a new detector, a showroom demo model would be the way to buy. Since there are very few available we would suggest that you act quickly or you will miss this great opportunity.

Trade Show Demonstrators (Demos)

Trade show demo's have never been sold to any individuals. They were brand new and on display in convention centers to demonstrate and "show" the product to prospective dealers and buyers for sporting good stores. Some have warranty cards. Most have light scratches from assembling units.

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