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Golden King Plus
Camera Recording System

Golden King Plus
Camera Recording System

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Note: Golden King Basic model is not designed to operate the video camera or the gas sensor and therefore are not offered as an option. If you desire this capability please order the Golden King Plus.
Golden King Camera Main

Everything the user may need during his search on site has been duly considered on the Golden King Deep Processor. The most important one of these needs is related especially to:

Narrow passages, crevices, and tunnels, which are too narrow for human access. The inability to see behind or inside the caverns opening to secret chambers leads to stopping the search. Cellars filled with water, tunnels, caves and water wells are also important factors which prevent progress of excavations, search and detection.

We know the great difficulties each search faces. We are pleased to have developed a system which informs you whether it is worth making more extensive efforts.

Golden King Camera
  • Pick-up Device:1/4" 1/3" SONY Super HAD CCD
  • Picture Element: PAL:500(h)X582(v)
  • NTSC: 510(H)X492(V)
  • TV Systems: PAL / NTSC
  • Horizontal Resolution: 480-420 TV lines
  • Minimum Illumination: IR or 0 Lux
  • S/N Ratio: More than 48dB
  • Gamma Characteristic: 0,45
  • Back Light Compensation: Auto
  • Synchronous System: Internal Synchronization
  • Lens Mount: Board lens: 3,6/6/8/12mm
  • Video Output: 1,0Vp-p,75W,BNC Connector
  • Infrared Lamps irradiation distance: 15m
  • Auto White Balance: Auto
  • Auto Gain control: Auto

DVD Quality Display Both on land and Water!
Thanks to the camera recorder system, on Golden King DPR, all spaces, whether be cave filled with water, passage, tunnel, cellar, water well, sea and lake, will now cease to be impenetrable. All these challenging conditions will no longer affect your searches.

Thanks to images you will take at DVD quality, with maximum data and display quality, no search or excavation shall be without results.

Golden King Camera Screen Shots The camera recorder used on Golden King DPR has very high display quality and is equipped with night vision, easily taking pictures under water even in spaces that receive no light.

Just the purchase of an underwater camera recorder for taking pictures, let alone a radar system, would cost you more than price of this unit. And what's more you would not have the chance to see the pictures as soon as you take them.

With Golden King DPR, you will easily perform all these operations with a single system. Because of the system's ability to view and record simultaneously, you will be able to share all the pictures with your friends and experts as you are searching.

With Golden King DPR, you will have not only the most developed new generation radar worldwide, but you will also enjoy your search. You will be able to easily monitor spots underwater and perform searches at depths for scuba diving. Golden King DPR will be one of the big advantages during your searches.

Golden King High Defenition Screen

Golden King Gas Sensor Golden King Gas Sensor

Another first by NOKTA ENGINEERING.
Thanks to GAS SENSOR used on Golden King Deep Processor, you will be able to know in advance whether there is methane gas in the confined places for the first time in the world.

Golden King DPR will tell you whether level of methane gas at the closed or open area you measure is harmful to human health or not.

For years we have seen and read about a great number of painful cases in the media involving methane gas exposure. When developing this system, as a requirement of our service strategy and our responsibility to the consumer, we considered user security and took into account all possibilities to help prevent users from being presented with difficulties.

When you perform measures in the closed or open sites by using Gas Sensor of GOLDEN KING DPR, the system will test whether methane gas level in the environment is appropriate for human health or not and give one of two messages, « INTENSIVE » or « SAFE ». If gas level is intensive, the warning screen above will appear.

If the system detects that methane gas on the site is safe for human health, then the message
« METHANE LEVEL SAFE » will appear. When this screen appears, you may continue your search in a safe manner.

Call 1-888-KELLYCO (1-888-535-5926)

Compare Nokta Golden King Detectors At-A-Glance

Golden King Plus Golden King Basic
Real Time 3-D System Yes Yes
D.I.S.S Technology Yes Yes
DSP Ground Balance Yes Yes
DSP 32 Bit Technology Yes Yes
Cave Detection Yes Yes
Metal Detection in Cavities Yes Yes
3-D System Both Metals and Cavities Yes Yes
Gas Sensor Yes No
Water Proof Camera Yes No
Super Deep Detection Capabilities Yes Yes
Requires Oversize Shipping Yes Yes

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