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Golden King General Detection

Golden King General Detection

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Another First in The World!

Golden King DPR provides you with two brand-new interfaces. Both of these interfaces allow you the user to enter the Digital world. Here you can discover the unknown, things that we can't find with regular machines. You have the option to select one of the two interfaces in the settings menu to perform a search. The first of these interface options is General Detection, which we will talk about below.

Our revolutionary interfaces are not only different from all systems currently on the market, but are also more technologic-driven and innovative.

Using a 7" TFT screen, (and thanks to display technology at DVD quality) it will be easier for you to perform searches with the Golden King DPR. You have never experienced technology on the level like this before. This new interface is controlled by the worldwide recognized LINUX operating system. LINUX is remarkable because of its speed and resolution, with minimum response of 1 microsecond; it operates at a speed that can't be compared with the common machine.

Get ready to perform detections in a blazing speed by using our patented new interface system. You will be able to follow your detections by a very self explanatory (and detailed) visual graphics system. When you pass over the target three times, you will get all of the information of your target and even the depth.

Calculation of Dimension by Measuring is Obsolete Now!
Thanks to Smart Detection Heads on the Golden King DPR, the depth is displayed on the result screen (without having to perform any extra operation.) Both 3-D real time graphics and depth information are features of the Golden King DPR.

Scope Screen
With the Golden King DPR, you will be able to monitor amplitude of target signals in real time utilizing the SCOPE Screen easily.

With this screen, you will be able to easily find real time peak amplitudes of the target signal center. You can also examine signal graphics of both cavity and metal targets.

Radar Screen
One of the novelties of Golden King DPR is the Radar Screen which is located within the Detection screens.

While following up operations being performed by the system, you also get information about the target. The information is immediately sent when it finds metal and or cavity (negative / positive) target signals. This causes a change in color on the Radar Screen.

The Radar Screen will turn to red in the case of targeting a Positive (Metal) signal. When it receives a Negative (Cavity) signal, it will turn to blue. This gives the user initial information about the target that was found. Thus, the user can perform his/her search and detection much more quickly.

Report Screen
Golden King DPR will inform the user of the first data it obtained from the target signal. The subsequent stages of operations will be recorded into the Report Screen (within the Detection interface.)

The Report Screen does not only provide users with information about the target signal, but it also guides the user by using messages from the system, as well as operations to be performed subsequently.

Like an assistant always by your side, the Report Screen will operate throughout your search and detection. It will tell you all of the information you desire to have and controls every movement by your touch.

Golden King Result Screen

Golden King Result Screen

The Golden King DPR's 3-D result screen has a real time signal processing system (used for the first time,) which is also not available on any system worldwide. This system, unlike other 3D systems, does not retrieve pictures which were previously recorded, but does processing of the target signal in Real-Time. This provides the user with complete 3D graphics of their target. You may rotate and examine the results it gives, at any direction. There are millions of signal combinations on site and at your fingertips. It's literally impossible to express the large number of possibilities on the field by only means of a limited amount of pictures (like those systems that sell up to 10,000-20,000 Euros which is roughly 13,000 - 26,000 USD) Having no pictures in memory, the Golden King DPR examines the received signal Real-Time, and converts it to graphics (this allows the user to view it at any angle.)

Below are some cavity assessments taken on site, when you examine these natural structures (which are never the same at all,) you will not miss any cavities side by side. This way you will be able to examine the target signals you received in more detail (which has never been possible until now.) When you study Cavity, Cavity Side by Side, and metal data in the Cavity; you will see width-length information and voltage values of the target. By rotating in any direction, you can view the signal at any angle. Do remember that the consumers paying tens of thousands of Euros/USD for pre-loaded pictures worldwide. You have no limit with Golden King DPR...

Golden King Result Screen

Golden King Result Screen

The unique software and hardware used during the testing conducted by Golden King DPR gives a complete analysis of the target signal. On each signal received from underground, there is always a ground effect. While it is not possible to see this effect on an ordinary (or obsolete) system; you will be able to go down to the smallest of targets on Golden King DPR. You will enjoy searching and detecting without missing any clue or sign of what you are looking for. You have the benefit of the highest technology when detecting. Please remember all systems other than Golden King DPR do not perform real time signal processing.

These examples are taken from results which were obtained on site, (during a search for metal direction) by using Golden King DPR. These examples are only a few from the other millions of combinations which are found on sites that you will have on your own. This is a reminder that each picture is unique and will be always be different from the next like a snowflake. Golden King DPR is the single most advanced system in the world. Our machine will allow you to examine target signals in high detail, with width-length and voltage info. You will easily be able to make multiple scans (which you can perform while searching in Real-Time,) without the need of any external hardware or software.

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