Golden King Settings Menu

Golden King Settings Menu

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For The First Time in The World!

Display Technology used on Golden King DPR is a worldwide first. With this system, NOKTA ENGINEERING used a display technology with a 7" TFT screen, utilizing a color depth of 262.000, and a color resolution of 800X480 (at DVD level quality), surpassing borders of current technology.

Golden King DPR is the first example of New Generation Radars which address to all expectations of the consumer, incorporate everything the users justifiably deserve, give due care to the minute details, change value judgments in the sector, allowing the user to perceive quality to the maximum degree and enjoy to operate it.

Language Selection
Golden King DPR is designed in ten languages. Thanks to the superior software, it operates in the languages of Turkish, English, Bulgarian, Arabian, Persian, Spanish, Russian, German, French and Greek. It was designed to enable all users regardless of where in the world you live to easily operate the Golden King DPR.

All system and texts will change to the language you select from the Language Options Menu.

Non-Precious Setting
With Golden King Deep Processor Rader, the user may perform search by ignoring non precious metals. In this way, it will eliminate any non precious metals and their effects due to pollution which may slow down your operations on site.

You can make selections between the tabs OPEN and CLOSED in the Non Precious setting within the menu. When you select the tab CLOSED, the unit will perform a search without taking into consideration the non precious metals such as iron, nails, and beverage lids (tabs) etc. on site.

Volume Control
With the use of this menu, you may control both stereo speakers (located at both sides of the system box) which are controlled by AUDIO CODEC technology which have never been used on any unit before.

In this menu, the user may reduce or increase volume level as he/she desires.

Sensitivity Settings
It is in the menu options where a user can set the depth of Golden King Deep Processor. It allows the user, (especially when making Surface settings) to set the Surface setting by reducing sensitivity (Depth,) when the unit cannot. It is the Setting option which allows the user to make Surfaces by reducing sensitivity (depth.) The Sensitivity menu allows the user to perform searches at the depth they desire when he knows what he looks for.
Interface Selection
Golden King DPR allows the user to search by the use of two different digital interfaces (consisting of two tabs in the menu.) The first tab is Search by Digital Gauge. This tab was designed by taking into consideration habits of the user. It is an exact digital copy of the gauge equipment.

In this special interface, the sections Cavity, Metal, Scope, and Radar are easily monitored. All information and directions related to target signal can be accessed from the Radar. The second tab is called DIGITAL SEARCH. When you perform Digital Search in this interface, you can enjoy a visual monitor of data upon the screen of Radar, Scope, and Search Technology. You can also quickly access results via directions for any operation that needs to be performed. In addition, all data in the Report screen will have directions to aid the user.

Surface Settings
Both AUTOMATIC and MANUAL Surface Settings are used on the Golden King DPR.

The logic and technology based off of Surface Setting was re-applied to the ACCELEROMETER technology. Thus it is used on Golden King DPR for the first time in the world. Thanks to this technology, all movements of the users are now recorded by the system. Used on only the Golden King Deep Processor for the first time in the world, this system constantly logs the search level in which the user keeps the search head. By monitoring the distance from the search head to the ground, it allows the Surface Setting to be more accurate.

Real-Time animation will indicate when the Search head is used in the interface. By means of this interface, the user can monitor his/her movements, and enjoy obtaining information whether the bobbin is at the right level.

Another First in The World!

Golden King DPR provides you with two brand-new interfaces. With these two interfaces, you will be able to enter the digital world. Here you can learn to unfold the unknown, and see what is invisible to the naked eye.

By selecting one of the two interfaces in the settings menu, you can perform searches as you wish. The second of these interfaces is the GAUGE DIGITAL SEARCH. The Gauge Search application is designed by considering your habits. Golden King DPR system was designed using digital technology completely. With its GAUGE DIGITAL SEARCH interface, it allows you to search how you would like to instead of the machine. Thanks to GAUGE DIGITAL SEARCH interface, all information and graphics provided to the user (by means of DIGITAL SEARCH interface) are indicated by gauges in this interface. Additionally, Scope and Report Windows are exactly the same in this interface, but with a different appearance.

Metal Selection Gauge
By using Golden King DPR, you may track your searches using the GAUGE DIGITAL SEARCH selection. All data and information received from the target signal will be tracked with this function. Is the target metal non precious or precious? Is it mixed or gold?

You can track all information by help of the Digital gauge on the window screen. The result screen will show you the metals standing side by side. You will also be able to identify on the screen whether the signal received from the underground is mixed metal or not. Golden King DPR is a visual platform that is easy to use and control.

Cavity Section Gauge
It is in this section of the interface on the Golden King DPR, where GAUGE DIGITAL SEARCH contains cavity data.

It is in this section that you can track the target cavity signals and see what numeric percentage expressions they hold.

Thanks to the Cavity Section Gauge, it will be much more convenient for you (the user) as complicated information will be filtered out.

Using this Gauge, you will be able to see status of the signal in real time. Searching with the Golden King DPR's live gauge will make the hunt that much more fun and exciting.

Scope Screen
While using the Golden King DPR, you can easily track an number of signals (in real time) on the SCOPE Screen.

Using the Scope Screen, you can easily identify the highest frequency point of the signal center in real time; while examining both cavity and signal graphics of the metal at the same time.

If you wanted to search by using the gauge (which is different from the general detection,) you can observe the highest point of the target signal. The highest level the gauge reaches (max,) displays the signal "center" of the target.

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