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Nokta Velox Detector

Nokta Velox One Metal Detector

with 11" Waterproof DD Search Coil, Headphones (style may vary), Coil Cover‌, Standard Battery Holder & 8 AA Batteries
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Everything you expect from a detector: Superior performance in high mineralization. Depth. Speed. Easy use. Lightness and Ergonomics. Velox Has It All!

Ideal for coins, jewelry, relics, and small metals that are difficult to detect; Velox has been developed for tough ground conditions. Velox offers an exceptional detector to users by combining its depth advantage, speed and ease of use with its newly designed search coil and special settings that enable convenient use in high mineralization.

You will enjoy detecting targets at depths that other detectors cannot reach as well as easily searching in high mineralized ground (extremely salty soil, wet beach sand, wet plowed land or highly magnetic ground conditions).

Newly Designed 11" Waterproof Search Coil!

Nokta's New Velox One Metal Detector
(with 11" Waterproof DD Search Coil, Coil Cover, Headphones,
Standard Battery Holder & (8) AA Batteries)

Compare To $1,500 Detector
Now in Stock - Only $995.00
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Cat# 1448-velox
$500 Voucher for your Success Story
Submit success story to us related to the use of your Nokta metal detector.
FREE Velox One for your Video
Submit your video of finds or field test w/ Nokta detector & receive FREE Velox One.
Optional Accessory Kit for Nokta Velox
accessory kit Includes: 9" Small Coil, 15.3"x17.7" Large Coil, Car Charger, Carrying Bag, Battery Case, and Extra Battery
Now Only $595.00

cat# 1448-veloxkit
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The Velox is a great gold nugget detector!
Velox is great in the worst mineralized soil!
"A while back I purchased a Velox One from kellyco. The Velox is a great gold nugget detector and is very well constructed. The Velox that I have does work very well. I have found gold several times with it. Especially where I already hunted with another detector. The ground I detect in is very mineralized. Probably the worst you could find. I have to run iron disc at max. Ground balance 7-8. And mineral 3. Sensitivity 8. So I do lose some depth. But it still works very well. Thank you for building a great detector." - Dilek
Nokta Velox Finds Coins, Rings, Jewelry
An exceptional detector that can find metals even in high mineralized ground with
its newly designed search coil and special settings!
  • Deep Ground Penetration
  • Fast Recovery Speed
  • 3 Tone Audio Discrimination
  • Silent Search (No Threshold)
  • Easy and Comfortable Use
  • Superior Performance
    High Mineralization
  • Ferrous Elimination
  • Long Battery Life
  • Light and Ergonomic Design
  • The Velox is a great Relic detector!

    Iron Switch and Iron Discrimination
    Use Iron Switch to find Gold. Do Not Use Iron Switch to find Relics.

    Nokta Velox

    Iron switch enables you to identify ferrous metals so that when you do not want to detect these type of metals you can search by turning the iron switch off. It also provides ease of use in heavy trash areas.

    On the other hand, especially in areas of high iron mineralization and beach sand, iron discrimination enables the ground effect to be reflected as iron and to be eliminated by turning the iron switch off. In addition, it enables metals containing iron to produce a low tone and to be identified more easily.

    Metal Identification

    Velox has very stable and easy to understand metal discrimination. It produces a high tone for non-ferrous coins, rings, and gold bars. It emits a low one for ferrous metals such as relics and deep artifacts.

    Signal Audio Boost

    Boosts the sound of weak signals received from small or deep metals making it easier for you to detect those uncertain targets.

    Long Battery Life

    You can search for 25-30 hours with the battery specifically designed for Velox. It offers you the opportunity for an uninterrupted search as well as the great advantage for outdoor use. Optional Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery Available Here.

    Velox Technical Specifications
    Operating Principle : Induction Balance
    Operating Frequency : 17.5 KHz
    Metal Identification : Audio Identification
    Sensitivity Setting : Manual
    Visual Discrimination : 2 LED's (Ferrous & Gold/Non-ferrous)
    Audio Discrimination : 3 tones
    Ground Balance : Manual
    Search Coil : 28cm (11'') waterproof Double-D
    Battery : Standard Battery Holder (8) AA Included
    Headphone Output : 1/4" mono
    Length : 125-145cm (49''-57'') extendable
    Weight : 2.0kg (4.4lbs) including the search coil
    Warranty : 2 years

    Sales Staff
    - Kellyco Factory Certified Metal Detector Experts
    Metal Detector Experts leilani JW steve
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