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Nokta Golden Sense Detector
Don't let air tests deceive you; experience the real underground depth!

Nokta Golden Sense Metal Detector

with 13x16” Waterproof DD Search Coil, Headphones (style may vary)‌, Standard AA Battery Holder, Coil Cover and Leather System Box Case
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Golden Sense - Nokta's Brand New Gold and Coin Hunting Metal Detector

With the Golden Sense, specifically developed for gold nuggets, coins and other small metals, you will easily detect targets at depths that other detectors cannot reach. Golden Sense not only finds shallow gold nuggets, coins and other metals detectable by other detectors, but it also does not miss smaller metals at incredible depths that other detectors cannot reach.

Especially in areas that are rich in gold nuggets, coins and deep metals, the surface of the ground has been searched for years and most of the shallow and smaller metals have been dug out. Searchers in such areas need to reach the gold nuggets, coins and other metals buried deeper underground. Golden Sense is now offering this opportunity with its detection at incredible depths provided by its electronic design, software and special search coil. Consequently, it is becoming the ideal choice for gold, coin and treasure hunters.

Very Easy to Tune & Use
Anyone Can Use It
Customer Comments!!
Africa - Gold Nuggets Found More than a Meter Deep!
USA - US Quarter easily located at 32 inches!
Thin Gold bracelet located 72 Centimeters deep!
See video below
Important: Buy Now Before Price Goes Up!
Nokta's Golden Sense Detector
(with 13 x 16" Waterproof DD Search Coil, Coil Cover, Headphones, Standard AA Battery Holder,
and Leather System Box Case)

Retail Price $1,350.00 U.S.
Special Sale Price Only $1,095.00
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Cat# 1448-gsense
$500 Voucher for your Success Story
Submit success story to us related to the use of your Nokta metal detector.
FREE Velox One for your Video
Submit your video of finds or field test w/ Nokta detector & receive FREE Velox One.
Goldensense Kellyco
*** Golden Sense Field Test Report ***
In summary, 'Owner's Manual defined' and 'User refined' tuning coupled with the use of a 'tuning test target' to verify and optimize detector tuning collectively are the 'keys to success' for this detector.  Employing this tuning strategy will provide user confidence that the detector is performing to its maximum potential. I am very impressed with the depth penetration and capability of the Nokta Golden Sense... Read More...
Optional Accessory Kit for Golden Sense
accessory kit Includes: 10 x 12.5" Small Coil, Coil Cover, Car Charger, Carrying Bag, Carrying Harness, and Extra Battery
Retail Price $727.00 U.S.
Sale Price Only $547.95

cat# 1448-gskit
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Golden Sense Instructions
Golden Sense Instructions
Golden Sense Instructions
Golden Sense Instructions
Golden Sense Instructions
Golden Sense Features


Golden Sense Depth Test
Golden Sense Depth Test
Golden Sense Depth Test
Golden Sense Depth Test
Golden Sense Depth Test
Golden Sense Depth Test
Golden Sense Depth Test
Golden Sense Depth Test
Golden Sense Depth Test
Golden Sense Depth Test


Golden Sense Easy and Comfortable Use

Golden Sense can be easily used on all types of grounds. You will adjust the ground balance and sensitivity settings within seconds and you will reach your target without the need for complex settings used in other devices thus discovering the Golden Sense difference.

The system box that can be used either hanging around the neck or clipped on a belt takes weight off the shaft as well as providing convenient access to setting knobs at all times.


Golden Sense Silent Search

A lot of detectors in the market produce a constant background tone called 'threshold' for deeper detection. The user must follow the pitch changes in this tone to identify a target. Listening to this tone constantly disturbs the user as well as making metal detection harder. Golden Sense with its groundbreaking technology has no threshold and it gives out a warning tone only when it detects metal while offering more depth than other devices. Therefore, it allows for a silent, comfortable and deeper searching experience.


Golden Sense Ground Balance
discrimination screen shot
Golden Sense has superior metal discrimination. It informs the user about the metal type by using different audio tones and lights (LED's) in different colors. With the help of Golden Sense's simple and reliable discrimination, you will be able to see the type of metal detected without having to follow complex numbers or data.

GOLDEN SENSE Technical Specifications

Operating Principle : Induction Balance
Operating Frequency : 17.5 KHz
Search Modes : 3 (All Metal/Discrimination/Iron Off)
Metal Identification : LED and audio warning
Sensitivity Setting : Manual
Visual Discrimination : 2 LED's (Ferrous & Gold/Non-ferrous)
Audio Discrimination : 2 tones
Ground Balance : Manual
Search Coil : 34x41cm (13"x16") waterproof Double-D
Battery : Standard AA Battery Holder
Headphone Output : 1/4" mono
Length : 95-130cm (37"-51") extendable
Weight : 1.7kg (3.7lbs) including the search coil
Warranty : 2 years

Sales Staff
- Kellyco Factory Certified Metal Detector Experts
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