Nautilus DMC II

Same as the DMC IIB PLUS TR discrimination Mode (without high power Transmit Boost control)

The DMC II is a dual mode detector for use in highly mineralized soil where maximum performance is required in all-metal and discrimination modes. Features 2 modes: Ground Reject Discriminate mode and VLF Ground Balance. Discrimination, ground balance, discrimination sensitivity control, ground balance sensitivity control, turning control


A Word About Nautilus Search coils
Starting from the bottom up,  Nautilus search coils are wound and constructed entirely at the Tyndall Electronic factory in Coats, North Carolina. New construction techniques and materials have made them lighter and more sensitive than ever before in the history of the company. Each search coil is fine tuned to the electronics that it will be shipped with insuring each detector that leaves the factory is optimized. SIzes for the DMC coils are available in 6, 8, 10 and 15 inch diameters. The six-inch diameter model is currently in production for high trash coins and relic hunting locations. Early prototypes tested of the 6 Inch coil were found to be excellent in areas other detectorist walk away from.

All coils have thick mounting lugs and a heavy duty cable strain relief. There are no "whimpy" cable connectors used on the DMC II. All connectors are strictly heavy-duty, nickel plated with a threaded clamp ring. Nautilus search coils and the entire quality parts inventory of Nautilus construction are engineered to keep you in the field longer. Stainless steel hardware is used throughout the DMC II construction.