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The Metal Detector of Choice for Serious Relic Hunters

Out of friendship, I was asked to write a brochure by the inventor of Nautilus Metal Detectors, Jerry Tyndall. Beyond what might seem like just another endorsement, I have truly used Nautilus metal detectors for as long as I have known Jerry -- 18 years. Tyndall Electronics has been manufacturing metal detectors since 1976, but Jerry's metal detectors have never won awards for the "prettiest" nor for the most "toys" attached. Nautilus metal detectors get their loyalty from the performance they deliver. This is the main reason Tyndall Electronics has not had to advertise on a national scale to stay in business for 20 years.

To the serious Civil War relic hunter and ocean beach hunter, "Nautilus is King." So what's a yankee from New York doing with a Nautilus DMC metal detector? To me, the DMC (Dual Mode Circuit) concept is unique. I have learned from experience that minimal use of discrimination in relic and coin hunting is critical for maximum depth and non rejection of low-conductive nonferrous metals - the DMC concept continues to fulfill my hunting strategy in this respect. It provides two simultaneous forms of audio target information without having to physically switch modes of operation. One target signal from the motion discriminate circuit and another from the non motion all-metal side make their way to the headphones at the same time. The mode signals can be missed in "mono" or separated in "stereo" depending on your headphone setting. For me, the DMC system provides more information when making decisions about a target's validity at the nail rejection level. If the all-metal signal is heard long before and louder than the motion signal, the target will likely be large and ferrous in content. If the all-metal audio signals shortly before the motion signal with about the same strength, the target will likely be brass or lead. When both signals sound nearly in unison, the target will be higher in conductivity and more likely a coin. Should the all-metal signal be greatly weaker in comparison to the discriminate audio, the coin could be very deep and made of silver.

Nautilus DMC metal detectors are designed for the serious detectorists by a man who actually uses what he engineers. Whether it be a Civil War campsite, a Revolutionary War fort, an 18th century cellar hole or an early picnic grove, Nautilus DMC series metal detectors continue to give unmatched performance.

Reasons to Buy your Nautilus Metal Detector From Kellyco
KellycoFrom Nautilus: An excellent 2 year detector warranty.

KellycoFrom Kellyco Metal Detector Superstore: A rock solid lifetime program of back-up and support. For as long as you own your detector you are entitled to contact us (by phone, fax, or e-mail) to answer questions, and assist you with any problems or concerns.

Cash Reward

Nautilus metal detectors are handcrafted and made with very high quality parts. The electronics used in the metal detectors are designed for high quality to provide long lasting reliable use.

Whether is be a Civil War campsite, a Revolutionary War fort, an 18th century cellar hole or an early picnic grove. Nautilus DMC series metal detectors continue to give unmatched performance.

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